13 minute yoga tutorial – Being centred and grounded

How much time will it really take to feel centred and grounded?

In this blog I’ll show you a 13 minute yoga tutorial video so you can try it out and see how you feel! It’s one of the first videos I ever recorded but it’s still one I revisit when I need a quick yoga fix.

This week on our blog I want to talk about how long it can take to bring yourself back into a totally different place both in how you feel, think and then of course, act.

One of the most common reasons people say for not including a practice that contributes and nourishes their health and capacity to bring joy into their daily life is TIME!

Well I’d like to bust the myth here and tell you that it does not take too much time to change how you feel, what you think and of course….how you act.

As we are talking about not taking too much time, I’m going to keep this blog really short for you.

The proof is in the pudding after all!

Click on the video link to your right. Set up a small space in your home, out in nature, wherever you can access wifi basically and turn off all distractions.

Click play on the video and follow the instructions.

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Once you have completed the video. Don’t just believe what I say, test it for yourself. Does it work for you? How do you feel after completing the video? Did you feel this would have some benefit to you if you repeated it again?

If you do feel a difference- what can you do to ensure you experience this difference more often. You can:

  1. Sign up to access all our classes for just $14 per month. What would it be like to experience this feeling on a more frequent basis? I know you’ll see a real improvement in your health and wellbeing.
  2. Have it as a one off experience and leave the knowledge of how to change your life on a daily basis as knowledge, for now. Sign up for our Newsletter and get your free 10 minute videos and blogs to continue on a regular basis.

Whatever you choose I am here to support you.

You can contact me and ask me any questions you like about your dreams and visions for including yoga in your life. The benefits are well known for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences through your practice of yoga. You can choose to experience the depth that suits you. There is no right or wrong answer.

The only given is it is your choice.


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