2 Minute Emotional Release Technique

There’s a really easy technique I’ve learnt and used for about 15 years called the Emotional Release Technique.

I’m not sure the name reflects the ease of it but it works anyway, I can tell you that from experience. Our blog today takes you through this technique.It’s so good, and it can bring your emotions back into balance in a matter of minutes. It’s something I learned a long time ago and called the emotional stress release technique. It’s based on two points on your forehead, that when held will slowly bring your nervous system back into balance. 

So how does it work?

Our nervous system, Our autonomic nervous system is made up of two aspects. Firstly we have the Parasympathetic Nervous System and then we have the Sympathetic Nervous System.

The Sympathetic nervous system is one one that we are engaged with when we feel stressed and we are busy. This system allows us to be driven and motivated and to ‘get things done’. However we can’t stay in this system continuously as we will burn out.

So we have the parasympathetic nervous system which is also part of our make up. It’s the place we come to in our relaxation in our Yoga sessions and really, it’s a place I like to guide all my students to, in everything we do.

But you may not be able to do a full yoga class in this moment in time. You may be at work and you just need a simple technique that you can use to bring you back into your peaceful and balanced place.

I learnt this technique in a Kinesiology session many years ago, about 15 years ago, maybe more. I also studied a short course in Kinesiology where I learnt some great techniques to calm the emotions. So my next few weekly blogs will be on these techniques.


So the points I’m referring to are shown above. Note how you hold the points with your index and middle finger on one point and your thumb on the other. It’s interesting to observe that you’ll see people holding their forehead to process something or to come into a space of clearer thinking (with less emotion). 

You want to feeling a very faint pulsation at both points. Don’t worry if you can’t feel it. You may notice a really natural gesture that people do when they are trying to process something. When our parasympathetic system is engaged, it helps us to think more clearly. It is also a great technique to help you get back to sleep- something I use a lot when needed. I’d say it works for about 80% of the time. At other times I may have to go and write something down to allow it to ‘come through’ then I can go back to sleep. 

So I’ll invite you to come and hold onto these two points. Just begin to tune into your breathing and play around, intuitively, with where you feel you want to place your fingers and thumb. I’ll invite you to hold these points for about a minute or so, probably about 5-10 breaths. Allow your mind to focus on your breath and bring it back if you notice it wanders. (it’s all very normal don’t worry).

Then we are going to add another point to hold, just at the back of the occipital ridge at the base of the skull and rest your hand there. I use this when I am lying in bed so my arms and elbows can be supported but feel free to use it as you wish.

Notice any big deep breaths that want to arise and allow your body to expand fully and let the energy or the emotion move out of your body. Depending on how much time you have you may work through a few different layers as you continue to release.

Then take another 3 or 4 breaths here.Then letting your hands and arms relax and notice how you feel. Ahhhhhhhh! It’s an amazing technique that I use so often. It’s a great technique to ground yourself and re-focus and feel a wave of calmness through your body.

So there it is – the first technique of our series of emotional release techniques that we will be blogging on over the next few weeks.

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Thanks for joining me.

Namaste, love and light,


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