Mindful living: 5 holistic ways to achieve it

This blog explores Mindful Living, what this means in our modern world and five easy holistic ways to explore Mindful Living. This blog is the first of a series of blogs to cover this topic and covers the first of our five holistic ways – giving some love and attention to our digestive system.

When we consider our lives from a peaceful, balanced and present place the decisions we make tend to flourish and take us towards acceptance of what is and a power to create change if we wish to.  I’m certainly not saying this is always easy but making this into a way that has meaning for you can certainly bring greater fulfilment to our everyday living.

In Yoga we explore and become more present with our bodies, emotions, mind and our subtle energy fields to help bring us back to balance and peace. Before you even get to this though you need to recognise what ‘the present’ means to you- is it the minute, the day, the week, or even the moment. For myself I generally consider the moment as the breath-  the moment ‘I am’ inhaling or exhaling so I can then tune into specific thoughts and feelings as they arise. What is your timeframe for describing the present moment?

We are going to start our series of blogs with the physical body. One of the most important physical functions which determines our overall health and emotions is the digestive system.

So our journey begins….

1. The digestive system 

We know our ability to digest our food and absorb nutrients from this food has a huge impact on how we think and feel. If there are problems in the gut we don’t tend to feel that great. We may feel bloated, heavy, tired and apathetic. To nurture and balance our gut and give our body extra support to digest food we can manoeuvre and squeeze out the digestive muscles. Try out our 12 Minute Yoga Sequence to give your digestive system a gentle work out. (NB this is one of my first videos I ever recorded!)

Yoga is a wonderful way of freeing blockages in the digestive system, helping us to get moving again on many levels. One of my favourite postures to work with for the digestive system is the Sitting Spinal Twist. I have recored two lessons for this.

1. Yoga Posture to Detox your body (Free Video).

This 10 Minute Online Yoga Video will prepare you for and teach you the Sitting Spinal Twist Yoga Posture. As you gently move into this posture you will give your internal organs an internal massage. You will also begin to detox your organs and cleanse your body. This can help you to feel more energised when practiced regularly.

2. Detox, re-energise and Re-Balance Online Yoga Class

Our Online Detox Yoga Class take will give your internal organs a deep massage to help release toxins stored in your body. When we clear toxins out of our system regularly it can give you an energy boost. Drinking water alongside this class will help this process. It’s a one hour class and is available with a Membership of our website. (See below on how to join up).

Would you like to set up a home yoga practice that truly nurtures you?

If you feel like you relate to my style of teaching I warmly invite you to join our Monthly Membership for just US$14 per month.

(You are free to cancel at any time).   

I’m happy to reply to any questions you may have and have a chat about your own home yoga practice. My email is debs@soulharmonyyoga.org

Until then happy yoga journeying and I wish you all the best.



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