7 ways to boost your energy by making a daily conscious choice

This week I started an experiment. I set myself the goal of boosting my energy by making a daily conscious choice to do something that will boost my health and energy as well as clear my mind and bring more enjoyment into my day.

I wanted to share this experience in a blog as what began to unfold was quite interesting. Added to this I decided to record my daily choices on social media so others could join me and we could share ideas together. I felt this would also give me some accountability when I felt like giving up!!
The reason I started this was to play, be light and just see what happened. The choices didn’t have to be huge – the only requisite was the choices were made consciously. I felt into each choice and it had to feel like a good choice, one that made me feel good.
Here were the 7 choices I made for the week: (You can find the videos I made via my Facebook Page and the links I’ve added). Click Follow or Like on my FB Page and choose to be notified of my upcoming posts to continue to follow my journey).

Day One. Watch the short video here 

As it was Valentines Day I started with a heart opening meditation which I have recorded on my website. The reason I started with this is that I like to spend time resting and being in the energy of my heart centre as I spend a lot of time ‘thinking’ and sometimes just coming from my logic doesn’t always produce results which are compassionate and caring towards myself. When we spend time cultivating compassion for ourselves it gives us the energy and understanding to be compassionate with others which can only be a good thing in my eyes. If you’d like to try one of my meditations go to www.soulharmonyyoga.org and sign up for my free yoga, relaxation and meditation offer.

Day 2 Walk on the beach Watch the short video here

Today I’d had a really busy day and I’d got almost to late afternoon and I hadn’t made my choice. So I sat with what I thought I needed and decided to go for a walk on a beautiful beach close by. I love spending time at the beach after a busy day and it always helps clear my mind. Consider the natural spaces around you and see how you feel after walking for a while amongst it.

Day Three –Watch the short video here

Today was what I consider a big choice. I’d already planned this in my mind the night before to make sure it happened. I chose to do a yoga and meditation session before I started my day. I had time as I work at different times each day. I use the online classes from my website. I left the choice of class until morning so I could find a class that suited this moment. I chose a gentle class as I felt tired and needed some self-nurturing. I practiced a lovely gratitude meditation that I recorded which has a stunning video of a local Western Australian sunset. I needed to check back in with my ‘enoughness’ and appreciate all I have here and now. To access these classes go to www.soulharmonyyoga.org and sign up for my free yoga, relaxation and meditation offer.

Day 4 – A pre-planned trip out

Today was also pre-planned as my husband and I work different days and we have to plan a time where we are both free. One of my favourite things to do is to explore new places in nature. Today we chose to head on over to The Porongurups National Park in Western Australia. It’s a beautiful park of bushland and amazing rock formations. We love getting out and being in nature and spending some quality time catching up. My choice really was to be present with Al and enjoy this time as it’s very precious.

Day 5 – A simple and delicious healthy, homemade museli recipe

Today my choice was around my health and what I put into my body. I have a really easy recipe for healthy, homemade museli which I make quite regularly as a way of getting some serious nutrients into my body first thing in the morning.
At this stage of the experiment, I began to worry that I was feeling a little righteous with what I am doing. I had to laugh as the museli I made was made in the slow cooker (I had to improvise as I have limited cooking equipment where I am living at the moment) and I thought I had turned it off but I had put it on full and consequently burnt the museli! All good intentions…..Here’s the recipe for you:
Home made Museli
Large tablespoon of Natural Honey and Coconut oil gently heated to liquid
Approx 500-600g rolled oats
3-4 large handfuls of nuts and seeds
one handful of chopped dried fruit
One oil and honey is heated add to oats and nuts
Bake in a warm oven (140 degrees) until brown (usually about half an hour) Mixing a couple of times
Once cooled add fruits and store in airtight container and enjoy with milk of your choice, yoghurt and fruit – the combos are endless!
I hope yours is more successful than mine:)



Day 6 – A simple cup of chamomile to start the day

A simple day today instead of my usual builders’ tea in a morning I decided to start the day with a chamomile tea. When I start the day consciously I am able to catch the rush within myself and be more present with how my day opens up. This way always leads to a better and more enjoyable day:)

Day 7 – A day of reflection with a few stretches Watch the short video here

Today was bit of a reflective video today on the last 7 days. I probably would have skipped today to be honest if I wasn’t doing this on social media so I was really grateful for the accountability 😍 Today I some lovely stretches in bed before I got out of bed this morning. There’s a video available on YouTube that you can do in bed https://youtu.be/YfxqAMWcvM0. Subscribe to my channel and be notified of other free yoga videos when they come out.

So what’s my main discovery this week and the greatest gift I can give to myself?

I discovered that the one common thread for all these conscious choices is to take a few minutes for myself to consider my day, my week, what I need to include and what I’d like to include. Consciously choosing to add these things to my day has given me a lovely feeling that I have considered myself. It’s a feeling of fullness rather than empty or rushed.

So there we have my journey for the week.

I’d love to hear your comments below about how your week has been and am always open to new suggestions to adding in conscious choices I maybe wouldn’t have thought of.

Please remember this is NOT ABOUT BEING PERFECT, it’s about making a conscious choice to choose to do something lovely for yourself so that you have the energy and vitality to give to others, as I’m sure you are doing quite frequently.

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