How to choose a Yoga teacher to suit you

People ask me a lot about what kind of teacher I am.

In each and every yoga session that we offer there are the same guiding principles throughout which make our classes unique and different from other teachers. Below I discuss the key guiding principles in all of our classes. Each area can be used as a guide as to what to look for when you are looking for a teacher. After all, there are so many varieties and you may not even know what to consider. So here goes………These guiding principles are based on what has been important for myself in my own practice throughout the 20 years plus I’ve been practising as well as what I would like to pass onto the world from my own effort and energy. So here they are:

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These guiding principles are based on what has been important for myself in my own practice throughout the 20 years plus I’ve been practising as well as what I would like to pass onto the world from my own effort and energy.

Being safe in your practice

I’m a big believer in feeling safe in my own practice and ensuring the safety of my students.

. This means I never stay in something that does not feel right. I allow my body to be my guide. There is a difference between challenging yourself in an asana and damaging your body. Pain and a deep sense of feeling uncomfortable are an identifier of this. With all of my classes I like to know that my students are feeling…”Ah that feels like a good stretch, I can feel it and yes it may not be easy but it feels good, I feel strong”.

I often get asked “How do I know I am doing the movements correctly,if I’m doing my yoga practice online?“. My answer is in my style of teaching, I use verbal instructions, visual demonstrations and key alignment points of what should be where all of the time. It’s how I like to teach and it comes back to the importance of making sure everyone is safe who is practising yoga with me.

Options for everyone

Throughout our classes there are modifications given to ensure you practice in a way that is right for you. Our classes are designed for all ages, all levels. I practice Dru, Hatha and Restorative based practice. I prefer to teach practices that feel nourishing and nurturing rather than strong physical yoga. I have nothing against this, it’s just not my style.

Nurturing and softness

Throughout our classes you’ll be encouraged to bring a softness into your practice. A softness into your approach, your body and your joints and how you hold your body. This will help you to let go of tightness and tension that you are holding so you can feel lighter by the end of the class and it also helps to let the energy flow through your body freely as you practice.

Strengthening and toning

This is an important reason why a lot of people want to do Yoga. The asanas (postures) do not have to be difficult in order for you to develop strength in your body. I always found that awareness is the key to developing strength as I am totally tuned into my body when I’m practising and can feel my body strengthening and toning which feels amazing.


Of course in all yoga practices and styles the breath is a vital part of the lesson. In Yogic tradition it is called Prana or lifeforce in your body. It’s a truly amazing tool to bring about change and transition. It helps to be mindful of your practice, to sooth and balance your nervous system as you practice and bring you into a beautiful space of peace and tranquility. The breath actually makes your practice easier and generally you use your inhalation to lift and your exhalation to relax and allow your body to lengthen.


If there was one direction I want to take my students it’s the place of peace and tranquility. It’s a place where you can rest in your guided relaxation at the end of the class and be completely rejuvenated. By the end of the class I want you to feel open and expanded within your body and your mind and a grounded sense of being deeply relaxed.

Giving that little bit extra

It is in my nature to make sure that my students have all that they need and more. I do this through our extra bonus blog videos on Vimeo and Youtube, our Facebook Mindful Monday sessions (where I take you through a live yoga session), Thought for the Weekend Sessions on Fridays on Facebook Live and our newsletters which keep you up to date with all of these freebies.

In our Paid Memberships we have additional information sheets in the online classes and workshops. We also have an online Community Facebook Page for our website users to connect up together and with me. It feels really good as a teacher to be able to connect with my students in so many ways and for the yoga students to connect and support each other.

Spirituality and Yoga

Incorporating a spiritual intention into your yoga practice is an entirely personal thing. In a traditional yoga practice there is the Bhagavad Gita and many other texts which guides your spiritual journey through your yoga practice. I love hearing the old stories from ancient texts as they are truly inspirational.

For some of my students I have taught them how to integrate their own energy healing processes into their practice. Personally I use my yoga practice to do my own energy healing work on myself as well. Initially I trained as an energy healer and it’s always been a huge part of my practice. It can be tailored in a creative way using your thoughts, visualisation and intention as you practice to connect to the greater source  (whatever that is for you).

I want to try out and access more classes…..

Would you like to set up a home yoga practice that truly nurtures you?

Start or continue your yoga journey with Soul Harmony Yoga

If you are thinking of starting your own home yoga practice I invite you to consider these things;

  1. Do you want a yoga class which is more physical exercise, specific alignment classes or a more holistic practice of relaxation and meditation as well
  2. Notice how you feel about the teacher of the classes – are they suited to what you are looking for
  3. Where can you fit yoga into your weekly life and what do you need to help you do this – a class that you can attend or a more personal practice using online materials at home
  4. Do you need a beginners home yoga practice? We have a beginners course where we teach in a 6 week course basic physical alignment, breathing in yoga and basic relaxation techniques

If you feel like you can relate to my journey and my style of teaching and would like to try out our classes I’ve created a four course Free Home Yoga Taster Classes so you can get a feel for my style of teaching. It is so important that you find a yoga style that suits what you are looking for rather than you trying to fit into something that doesn’t feel quite right.

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I’m happy to reply to any questions you may have and have a chat about your own home yoga practice. My email is

Until then happy yoga journeying and I wish you all the best.



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