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My students love their online yoga classes….

“Deb’s online yoga class really help to keep me motivated and balanced and I need this as I find I am particularly sensitive to other peoples’ energies. The classes, blogs and support I receive from Debs and Soul Harmony Yoga give me a chance to stop and turn inwards so that I am then in a better place to get on with my usually busy day!  
I love Deb’s yoga teaching style as it really does combine physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. I particularly tune in to the spiritual and emotional experience. 
Debs’ teaching style really suits me because she really cares about how you are and what you might need from Soul Harmony Yoga. She carefully and clearly explains each posture and I love the flow of Dru yoga”.
Sue, Crystal, Colour & Reiki Therapist

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At Soul Harmony Yoga we know it is not always easy to put your health and self-care at the top of your priority list. To help you do this, we have developed a website of creative online yoga, relaxation, meditation and holistic health resources for you.

We have lovingly and thoughtfully bundled them up in easy to follow courses so all you have to do is choose what you need for your day and press play.

Our website continues to be populated with courses filmed in areas of outstanding natural beauty in Australia.


Our online courses have been set up so you:

• Feel supported by your 24/7 go-to resource which will guide and support you in all areas of your holistic health and self-care as and when you need it
• Choose when your practice is right for you
• Choose to play back a posture and ensure a better alignment; knowing you can enjoy a safe yoga practice
• Enjoy an undisturbed yoga practice, go as deep as you wish in the privacy and safety of your own home. Create a space that’s perfect for you to practice in.
• Don’t have to take time to travel to your class, leaving you with more time for your family, friends and important life stuff
• Take your yoga practice in the sunshine, on a beach or a beautiful backdrop in nature as you practice, even if it’s raining outside
• Hear gentle reminders that your needs are important and that when you give yourself some ‘me’ time everyone else around you benefits
• Enjoy a creative ‘yoga’ practice and choose from our relaxation, meditation and health courses to support you when your energy is low and a physical practice is not what you need.
• Practice your yoga, health & self-care on any day of the week including bad hair days
(no-one will know!)
• Save more time by staying in your PJ’s if you wish

We understand that each person is different and each day we are different so our yoga, health and self-care practice needs to reflect this. As a qualified Holistic Health Practitioner, Dru Yoga teacher and, intuitive teacher, I invite you to step into your present self, to open your body, stretch out and release the tension, strengthen your body and mind and explore the possibilities of what life brings you when you are balanced, at peace and clear. Choose to do this through our yoga, meditation or relaxation classes or delve in deeper through our Health Workshops. 

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We’ve also created some specific E-Packages, of specific courses, for those who like a one off purchase can be downloaded and used forever. You’ll find our shop has more items.
At Soul Harmony Yoga we are great lovers of the latest research as well as age old yogic and spiritual wisdom. Head on over to our blogs to read up on a wide range of holistic health topics. Grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Soul Harmony Yoga - making your self-care a delightful & creative process with our online yoga, relaxation, meditation and holistic health classes and workshops.

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