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Hi, I’m Debs Fawcett, the founder of Soul Harmony Yoga.

At Soul Harmony Yoga we provide online resources, face to face workshops & retreats for women who choose to take time for their own self-care & are inspired to live a positive & fulfilling life for themselves, their loved ones and their community. Our online resources include online yoga, relaxation, meditation and holistic health tools & classes to ensure a holistic & balanced approach to your self-care. 

I am a qualified Dru Yoga teacher & have practised yoga for 23 years and been teaching for 7 years. Yoga has made me who I am today and has helped my stayed balanced, peaceful and strong throughout many of my life’s adventures. Yoga helps me stay connected to my body, my mind and my deep sense of spirituality that I am constantly strengthening. 

I initially came to yoga to help me get through my final exams at University when I was 21. It helped me keep calm and felt like a truly magical gift I had discovered where I started to feel a sense of inner strength, in a very balanced way, that I had never felt before. My body felt strong and open. I began to find ‘space’ in my thinking, my actions and I began to question the ‘stories’ & my old beliefs, my mind was telling me, as potentially untrue. Maybe life could be different.

Yoga became a part of my weekly life for many many years as I continued to explore this relationship with body, breath, emotion, mind and spirit. I went (and continue to go) on many retreats, courses, personal development seminars, yoga conferences and I still study with some amazing teachers. I had a thirst for this knowledge that has never left me. 

Eventually, I realised this work had led me to find the courage to explore what was truly in my heart. I always imagined myself as a mum to a large family and spent a number of years wrestling with hormones and a very powerful and natural force to become a mama. For whatever reason, it was not meant to be. However, my own practice has helped me to move way beyond this vision (as well as some exceptional friends) and has given me an enormous amount of clarity and motivation to have the greatest life with the freedom I now have.

I now have a beautiful family that I love dearly and am the wife to an exceptional man, Al and step-mum to an amazing young man, Cain. All of this happened from the time I decided to live from my heart. Al and I got married last year and are currently travelling around Western Australia filming yoga classes in some amazing spaces in nature. 

This journey has been the teacher of my own yoga practice as well as some truly inspiring teachers and Dru teachers along the way. In my own practice throughout all of these challenges, I have constantly found a greater strength than the sum of my own ego to get my through. I know how difficult life can be, and of course, there are greater sufferings out there than what I have experienced.

My approach to my teaching

In my teachings, my intention is to take you to a deeper level within yourself and gently guide to release what no longer serves you. I will guide you to mindfully find your own physical & inner strength & go beyond into a wiser, more peaceful and balanced space. Space where your energy becomes more vital and alive, a place where you truly feel an unfathomable sense of your true inner strength and wisdom.

I stay grounded in my approach by staying in touch with the latest Yoga research and have studied extensively to ensure my practice is both knowledge and experiential. (See my qualifications below). I am strongly guided by my early studies of Parapsychology or energy psychology whereby I work with you, not only your physical body, but your emotions, thoughts and inner wisdom and more subtle energy, in a way that works for you.

My classes and workshops reflect the patterns and seasons of nature, hence the filming in some amazing places in nature. I love connecting with nature in my teachings using visualisations and references to all the beauty of nature that is around us. It helps you to become aware of, and more in tune with, the natural rhythms of the world around you. Nature is a free and powerful tool to help us become more energised and balanced and this is a large part of what we do at Soul Harmony Yoga.

Practising Yoga with Soul Harmony Yoga Classes will help you:

  • Discover your place of inner strength where you have all the answers to your life’s questions as you shift the physical energy and tension out of your body through the asanas (postures) so you can move into a deeper place
  • You will develop a deep connection between your movement and breath which will not only enhance your immune system and health in general, it will also guide your nervous system back into balance leaving you feeling mindful and present in your everyday life
  • Be present with your emotions and accept all emotions, stress, and tension as it arises. As you allow it to be you can release it and free your whole body and mind from the health risks of stress and tension.
  • Learn techniques to change negative thinking into creative and positively aligned thoughts with your hearts desires.

The result of this is you can experience life in a more joyful, balanced place.

You will realise you already have all the tools required to accept what is and create your life from your heart-based desires. You will discover your resources which you can constantly return to and look for what you need for the each and every day.

Who are my students

My students are those people who want to give some time to their own health and wellbeing because they know that without this they would simply burn out. They are the givers in life, those who live to serve others. The truth is if you are one of these people you need to look after yourself so you can have the energy to serve others.

They are the ones who know that maintaining your own health and well-being is one of the smartest things they can do to ensure a happy and healthy life, for both themselves and those around them.

My students want to know the how to. How to become calm and balanced, how to reach their inner strength and peace, how to keep their body strong and energised to live the life they desire.

Quite often, my students are the people who are feeling they want to move into a different place in their life. Whether this is because of a health issue, emotional issue, stress related or those who have a sense that where they are is not serving them any longer but you don’t know how to move into something else or sometimes what that something else is.

So I invite you to get in touch, try out a month of classes for just US$1 or sign up for a membership to give you access to all of our classes that can guide you, gently and wth care, to where you want to be on a regular basis.

If you have any questions please get in touch via I’d love to help you, wherever you are on your journey.

My Aim

Being still and being in the moment is where I aim to take you, here you will feel a sense of warmth, acceptance and contentment with where you are now.

Other Work

Debs is also an independent health consultant and developed Emotional Health and Well-Being and other learning courses in the UK, specifically for children.

My clients – people are diverse,
but one thing unites us all: an active position in life.

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