6 Week Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Yoga Course

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Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self-Care Online Course

How will this course help me?

Practising yoga can help us come back to a place within ourselves where we feel at home and at peace.

To arrive in this place we’ll practice some lovely healing yoga postures, calming breathing techniques, full body relaxations and Meditations.

We will gently and mindfully release emotions held in the body, we will practice yoga to nourish ourselves and build our strength and courage to know we are enough and rest in this space or take courageous steps to a place we would like to be.

What’s included in the course?

We have 15 lessons in our Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Course. Each lesson covers a specific aspect of how your yoga practice can support your emotional health including:

  • Balancing your nervous system,
  • Letting go of emotions and resistance to letting go,
  • Using your yoga practice as a deep self-care process,
  • Developing your confidence
  • Specific pranayama, meditation, and relaxations.
  • Each individual class has details of the benefits to you for practicing the class.

For a specific issue, follow the classes as a sequence to help clear the issue you are working on.

There are two sections to this course.

  1. Includes the yoga, pranayama and meditation classes. I invite you to mix and match the lessons to suit your needs.
  2. Includes bonus lessons which are there for you to explore your current self-care routine or practices.

Use these resources as and when you feel you need them. You do not need to do them in order unless you are working on a specific issue and you want to be guided through a process to let go of the issue in question. 

If you are visiting this course for the first time I recommend watching the presentation video. It talks you through the key aspects of your yoga practice which directly relates to balancing our subtle emotional nature.

Relaxations and Meditation

I have recorded three relaxations for you based on length of time, a pranayama (breathing technique) lesson and a guided Gratitude Meditation. Choose the makeup of your class by reading the purpose of the classes in the class descriptions and add as required.

Don’t forget the bonus extras for the course

  1. Please read our safety information before you begin your practice so you can get the most out of the classes.
  2. Use our ‘affirmation sheet’ to enhance your course experience by helping you to be inspired to fit your Yoga practice into your busy lifestyle
  3. Join our Online Yoga Community so you have a place to ask questions and offer support to other practitioners in our classes.
  4. For additional information regarding Mind/Body Healing using Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation check out our blog posts.

I look forward to guiding you through your Yoga lessons and connecting with you along the way.



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