6 Week Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Yoga Course

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Welcome to  our 6 week Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self-Care Online Course

How will this course help me?

Practising yoga can help us come back to a place within ourselves where we feel at home and at peace.

Practice some lovely healing yoga postures, calming breathing techniques, full body relaxations and Meditations.

Gently and mindfully release emotions held in the body

Practice yoga to nourish and build strength and courage

Balance your nervous system,

Let go of emotions and resistance to letting go

Create a deep self-care process for yourself

Develop your confidence

For a specific issue, follow the classes as a sequence to help clear the issue you are working on.

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Estimated Time: 15 Lessons

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


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