Introduction to Soul Harmony Online Yoga for beginners

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The Introduction to Soul Harmony Online Yoga course is for those who may just have joined Soul Harmony Yoga (or if you want a shorter 30-minute class). The classes have been filmed in some exceptionally beautiful places within Western Australia. The course designed to as an introduction to our classes and our style of teachings. There are 6 classes, in total, for you to explore:

  • Core stability and alignment
  • Breathing in a yoga class (Pranayama)
  • Spinal Flexibility
  • Preparations for postures
  • Flowing Sequences in our classes
  • Connecting with a deeper practice

All our classes are around 30 minutes long (when you add the relaxation- don’t forget this part- it’s really important).

Estimated Time: 6 Lessons

Welcome to the Introduction to Soul Harmony Yoga Course

Your lessons

Relaxations- an essential part of your practice

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