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Welcome to our 6 lessons of Mindful Practice Yoga.

There are 6 lessons detailed in the course outline designed to bring you into a Mindful Yoga Practice. When we are mindful we are aware of how we are feeling and thinking in any given moment.

The benefits of practising Mindfulness

  • We live from a mindful place, that is a peaceful, balanced and present place,
  • The decisions we make tend to flourish and take us towards acceptance of what is and a power to create change if we wish to.  I’m certainly not saying this is always easy but making this into a way that has meaning for you can certainly bring greater fulfilment to our everyday living.
  • Get to know your body and what it needs from your yoga practice – the general rule of thumb is do not do anything which feels too uncomfortable and definitely no pain.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by feeling into these emotions and using your breath to allow them to pass

Class structure

  1. Begin with a warm up with a focus on the muscles you will be using in the postures within the class.
  2. Explore our Dru Yoga energy block release sequence – a sequence of movements which work through your whole body to release energy from tight muscles, joints, and your spine.
  3. Postures (asanas)
  4. Relaxation is a time for your body and mind to deeply relax. It’s the time when your energy and vitality are restored and you consciously nourish yourself. It’s a time to love and appreciate who you are as you allow yourself to let go and be.

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Estimated Time: 6 lessons

Welcome to the Mindful Practice 6 lesson yoga course

Mindful Practice Yoga Course Lessons

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