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All the classes in this section are all the one hour yoga classes on our website.

Benefits of a one hour class

When you include a one hour class once a week you will really notice the benefits of your yoga practice. Benefits of a deeper and longer practice include:

  • Noticeable strengthening, toning and changes in suppleness and flexibility
  • A feeling of openness and ‘tallness’ in your body in the days after your practice
  • A calmer approach to situations in life as they unfold
  • A response to life approach to your day as opposed to reactionary
  • A change in your breathing (after practising regularly for a few weeks). Your breath is more likely to be slower and deeper which can positively affect high blood pressure.
  • Greater emotional balance
  • More energy and vitality
  • Feeling like you are ‘on purpose’ or living as you are meant to


Estimated Time: 10 Lessons

Soul Harmony Yoga One hour yoga classes

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