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Welcome to our online yoga and meditation classes.

You will nearly always find that your meditation practice will be ‘easier’ after a yoga practice. This occurs as you have created movement through the stretches with your body and balanced your nervous system. Yoga was originally developed as a practice to prepare for meditation.

The course will:

  • Provide you with a themed yoga and meditation class each week
  • Support you to develop and/or maintain your current meditation practice
  • Give you some new resources to add to your meditation tool kit.
  • Including 6 recorded meditations (plus a bonus Full Moon Relaxation) along with a choice of 2 optional yoga classes to prepare your mind and body for the class.

Here’s what you’ll experience on our course:

  • Week 1 – Prepare yourself and a beautiful space for Meditation. Start your Meditation practice with a short morning meditation and notice the difference in your day.
  • Week 2 -Spinal Flow Meditation designed to support your spinal health practices
  • Week 3 – Emotional Balance Meditation – rest for this one to allow your body to completely let go of any unwanted emotions.
  • Week 4 -Heart Opening Meditation – Tune back into your heart space & practice compassion and gentleness to yourself
  • Week 5 – Mindfulness Meditation – calm your mind and slow it right down
  • Week 6 – Gratitude Meditation – reflect on all you appreciate in your life and see how your perspective can shift.

Our blog  ‘Soul Harmony Yoga Meditations’ will give you more information on the the benefits of yoga, the purpose of yoga and the meditations available in our Yoga and Meditation Course.

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Estimated Time: 7 Lessons

Guided Yoga and Meditation classes