Yoga and Pranayama (Breathing) Course

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Yoga and Pranayama (Breathing) Course

The lessons in the course are designed to influence your ongoing yoga practice by helping you gain a deeper understanding of the power of the breath in any yoga practice. Some of the videos will simply teach you the breathing technique and you can then apply elsewhere, for example the Ujjayi breathing video.

As a beginner it is often difficult to think about how you are breathing whilst trying to remember where to out your feet and arms. However, with practice you will find it starts to become second nature. For those experienced yogis, using conscious breathing allows you to take your practice to a deeper level.

The concentration skills gained whilst practising conscious breathing (by this I mean keeping your mind focused on the combination of movement and breath) will filter out into your everyday life. You will find you have increased levels of concentration in your daily life.

Once you’ve learnt to focus whilst breathing you can use this technique anywhere, for example, waiting in a queue, waiting for dentists appointment (and whilst in the dentist chair – I do this for every dentist visit to reduce my anxiety) or when you notice you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Practising a minute or two of conscious breathing can bring you back to your balanced and centred self.

The importance of this is so we can choose from the present moment about how we want to think, act and be rather than making decisions on past experiences.

I’ve also included an E-Book I have written which gives you a lot more information about benefits, research and more breathing techniques you can use in your yoga practice.

Estimated Time: 4 Lesson + 12 page E-Book

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