Spinal Health Online Yoga Course

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In our Yoga for Spinal Health course there are 4 lessons which are designed to keep your back happy and healthy. Each lesson covers a specific aspect to keep your back healthy, including, creating flexibility in your spine, strengthening your spine, flowing spinal movements, restorative back stretches and movements to keep your spine hydrated and healthy.

Spinal health is a key part to your whole health in general. Along our spinal cord we have millions of nerves which carry messages to and from the brain to the rest of our bodies. These messages provide our communication for our mobility and sensations in the body regarding the complex interaction of bones, ligaments, and muscle structures of the spine and the nerves that surround it. The brain and the spinal cord together make up our central nervous system. You can then see why keeping this part of our body happy and healthy is so important.

Estimated Time: 6 lessons + 2 Relaxations

Welcome to our Spinal Health Yoga Course

Spinal Health Yoga Course Lessons

Relaxations and Meditation

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