My favourite Short On Time Yoga class of choice

Within our Soul Harmony Yoga Website, we offer shorter 10-20 minute online yoga classes.

These Yoga classes are there for you to experience and bring yourself back to a beautiful, balanced and peaceful space. I also find starting with 10 minute class when my regular yoga practice has waned really helps me to re-connect with my practice on a regular basis.

They are also there for those of you who already have our Annual Membership so you have more creativity over the type of class you may want to do. For example, you may only have a short period of time so you can choose to add a shorter class which has a similar theme so you are building on your current practice. You may choose to do the Short Yoga Class to Detox your Body after completing the Full One-day Detox course to continue the detox.

Classes include:

Re-balancing Yoga and Meditation Class – 20 minute Sun Salutation and Chakra Re-balancing Meditation

Spinal Flexibility in Four Easy Movements

Gentle exercises to strengthen your Core and Back Muscles

Short Restorative Yoga Class

and many more….

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But I don’t have a membership on the website….

No worries at all, simply head on over to our risk-free Monthly Membership. It’s only US$14 per month and there is no contract.

Short Yoga Class to Detox your Body

This class is designed to take you through a few exercises over 11 minutes to set you up for the day and give your body a good move around to help your organs to release a few toxins. It’s a really important part of having a healthy lifestyle and detoxing is something that can be included a few times per year to love your body and give it a well deserved rest.


10-20 minute online yoga classes

It is a good class to do whilst you are in a busy period of life as it will help your body to recover and rejuvenate.

Enjoy your practice

Namaste, Love and light


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