How to practice Heart Centred Yoga

In this blog we explore Heart Centred Yoga. It is our final blog in our series of blogs to discuss ‘Mindful living: 5 holistic ways to achieve it’. I have added the links to the 4 previous blogs below.

After practising Yoga for a while you begin to notice that there are other parts of ourselves besides just being a physical body. In Yoga and many other spiritual practices there is an acknowledgement and an experience of ourselves as subtle energy. In this meditation we travel through the subtle layers of our energy body, known as the Koshas, in order to bring us back to a more balanced and peaceful space. Try our 8 minute Kosha Relaxation to explore this further.

Heart Centred Yoga

Coming into your heart centre 

As you draw your awareness to the whole self with our Kosha Meditation above, you may have felt the connection between the breath and your nervous system coming into balance, or your own ability to clear your own emotions or bring about more positive thoughts. Yoga has the ability when practised over time for us to impact and change all of these aspects within ourselves as we bring ourselves into the present moment.

When we come into the experience of the heart we are able to connect to our compassionate self. This is important as it helps us to connect to our ability to be self- compassionate and gentle with ourselves. We can then practice compassion and generosity with others without becoming drained of our energy. Connecting to our heart centre also helps us to become more than juts our thoughts. Often we can experience our day swimming around in simply our thoughts whilst being completely disconnected to all the other parts of ourselves. There is more information in our Grounded Yoga Intention Blog.

Only then are we are truly ready to move into our hearts. The basis of Soul Harmony Yoga is about ‘The Art of Heart’. By this we mean becoming totally connected to our hearts as well as our thoughts. Being connected to both can guide us to make decisions which can be of greater benefit for ourselves and for others. To help guide you into this space try our Heart Meditation.

Heart Meditation

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So consider…..

As we bring together physical movements, the breath, your emotions as you practice, and what thoughts you choose to have as you practice, the end result of this may well be a sense of bliss, inner peace, stillness, space and contentment.

This doesn’t mean, by the way, that everything is perfect in your life now. It simply means that you have the ability to accept yourself and your life as it is right now knowing that when you get to the point of inner peace, to the present moment, that you can be with yourself just as your are.

We may get to a place where we feel we have the confidence and the inner strength to bring about change for an aspect of our lives which needs some attention. This is the gift, a space where there is nothing in this moment that needs to change, you can rest and rejuvenate and maybe even feel peace with who you are and where you are at.

Becoming aware of our subtle energy bodies helps us to feel a sense of acceptance and can bring about change with more grace and ease. It can be difficult and time consuming to bring about change through simply trying to change your physical life. Engaging all of who we are and bringing ourselves consciously to this place can be life changing in itself and when we begin to consciously use all of ourselves, well, that’s when the real magic begins!

Join my next Live Round of Teaching which starts on the 22nd June 2019. I will be guiding your weekly Yoga practice based on our Emotional Balance and Self Care Course.

Emotional Balance and Self Care Course
Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Course

We have 12 lessons in our Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Course. Each lesson covers a specific aspect of how your yoga practice can support your emotional health including:

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  • Using your yoga practice as a deep self-care process,
  • Developing your confidence
  • Specific pranayama, meditation, and relaxations.
  • Each individual class has details of the benefits to you for practicing the class.

I’m happy to reply to any questions you may have and have a chat about your own home yoga practice. My email is

Until then happy yoga journeying and I wish you all the best.



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