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Some key pointers to create a positive home yoga practice – hip opening yoga class



In this Hip Opening Yoga class and mentoring video, I will teach you some key considerations to ensure you can choose and create the perfect home yoga practice for you.

Today I’d like to invite you into my own personal yoga practice. Click on the video above to share a yoga practice with me.

Here are some tips I give you as well as my thoughts, as I go through my own practice. I’ll take you through how I stay mindful throughout my practice to ensure my practice is safe and deeply nourishing.

As you listen to the teaching & and follow the yoga class you will learn:

1. It is not always easy to know which home yoga practice to choose. I’ve made this easy for you be designing a Website Mapping tool as a resource to help you choose your class. As part of your Soul Harmony Yoga Membership, you have access to this resource.  It highlights the physical benefits, key areas to create flexibility, emotional and mental benefits and spiritual benefits of each posture and which lesson you’ll find the specific postures.


2. How to make your yoga practice specific to what you need to nourish yourself that day. You can do this by considering if there is a part of your body you’d like to stretch out or would you like to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Our classes cover physical, flexible, emotional and spiritual benefits. Identify if you need your yoga practice to address a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue and then choose the right lesson.


3. Specific yoga postures to open the hips. The locust Posture and Head to Knee Posture are both great for opening up the hips so I’ve included these in our class today.


4. Specific muscles groups affecting the hip area and how to stretch and open them with care and attention. There are over 20 muscles surrounding the hips. The main muscles we look at in this class are the core muscles, piriformis, psoas and adductor muscles.


5. I like to go a little deeper into my yoga practice and explore what my body is telling me based on the area of tension. In this video, I look at how the hips are connected to the base chakra. This chakra relates to our own security in life and how when we work with this area we can make space for new ideas to open up and be created.


6. How to use props to support your body where needed in your practice. Sometimes we may need to give our body a little bit more care and attention. We can use blocks or cushions to support an area, for example, the knee joint. There is no benefit from being in pain in your yoga practice.


7. How to use previous mindful observations to enhance your future yoga practice. Sometimes when we are mindful in our practice we can notice that to open one area of the body is often easier when another area has been stretched first. This is what I discovered in this class and found a new way to support my body even further.


8. How to create a spiritual yoga practice by being aware of which chakra centre a posture connects to (via our Website Mapping Resource) and using intention & visualisation in your relaxation. Relaxation is a wonderful place to use your imagination and imagine your body filling with colours, feelings, intentions etc. There are no limitations and plenty of research to show how visualisation can be a part of a deeper healing and nurturing process.


I invite you to join me for this class by clicking video above. Namaste,


I want to try out and access more classes…..

Would you like to set up a home yoga practice that truly nurtures you?

Start or continue your yoga journey with Soul Harmony Yoga

If you are thinking of starting your own home yoga practice I invite you to consider these things;

  1. Do you want a yoga class which is more physical exercise, specific alignment classes or a more holistic practice of relaxation and meditation as well
  2. Notice how you feel about the teacher of the classes – are they suited to what you are looking for
  3. Where can you fit yoga into your weekly life and what do you need to help you do this – a class that you can attend or a more personal practice using online materials at home
  4. Do you need a beginners home yoga practice? We have a beginners course where we teach in a 6 week course basic physical alignment, breathing in yoga and basic relaxation techniques

I’ve created a four course Free Home Yoga Taster Classes so you can get a feel for my style of teaching.

It is so important that you find a yoga style that suits what you are looking for rather than you trying to fit into something that doesn’t feel quite right.

Online Yoga Classes Soul Harmony Yoga

I’m happy to reply to any questions you may have and have a chat about your own home yoga practice. My email is debs@soulharmonyyoga.org

Until then happy yoga journeying and I wish you all the best.



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