How Having a Grounding Yoga Intention Affects our Practice

In this blog we consider how having a grounding yoga intention affects our practice. It is part of a series of blogs to discuss 5 Holistic ways of Living to improve our general health.

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Being grounded is important for us as humans as it helps us to tune into to a sense of belonging and connection. Consider for a moment how you feel about the earth beneath you. Do you feel a sense of connection with the earth or is it something you take forgranted each day? In Indigenous cultures there is a strong connection with the Earth. It is said to be part of who we are as humans and tuning into this connection helps us to become more humane.



If we think about our Western Culture being grounded is not really something we are encouraged to consider. We are instead encouraged to be on a path in a direction, knowing where we are going and what we are aiming to achieve with more than likely, a connection to financial gain at the end of it.

I wonder what would happen if we did this whilst consciously being in our bodies. How would we relate to the trees and plants around us, the moon, the stars, the sea, rivers and people around us.

Being grounded means you can literally feeling the solidity of the ground beneath your feet as you connect to the vibrant energy of the earth, travelling deep into the core. You can begin to sense energy coming up into your body from the earth as you inhale and, as you exhale, you can send this energy down into the core of the earth whilst feeling gratitude for all that nature provides for me.


Often we can be disconnected from being ‘in our bodies’ as we rush through our days. One of the true benefits of yoga is to become still, to breathe, to feel into your body and to come back to the present. When we are connected to our present self we can make mindful choices with kindness to ourselves and others.

You may want to reflect on and feel, with a sense of gratitude, of your own family, your lovely friends, the earth you stand on in all it’s beauty and those who are part of your everyday community who support you. Have a look at the my video on to do just this How to Centre and Ground Yourself

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