Preparing for Meditation & Greet The Morning Meditation (13 mins)

Preparing your unique space for meditation

One of the first things I’d like to invite you to do in the first week of this course is to spend a few minutes considering what you would like your meditation space to look, smell and feel like. It does not need to be extravagant – often a simple flower from the garden and a small candle is perfect for you.

I’ve put together a handout for you to help you think about what works for you. There is no right or wrong – simply what feels good for you. Add in items that make your heart light up and create that warm and fuzzy feeling. This is your space and a space where you feel safe, loved, secure and at peace.


Greet the Morning 13 Minute Meditation

I also invite you to set your alarm 13 minutes early and join our Greet the Morning Meditation. This meditation is designed specifically to bring you into a balanced and grounded space. The Meditation gives you the opportunity to consider what you would like your day to be, who you would like to connect with and how, what you would like to let go of and to consider how much energy you would like to expend doing this.

I have no scientific reason for why this meditation has the impact that it has. Perhaps it is something to do with tapping into parts of our brain and giving them specific instructions which our brain dutifully follows?

But, from my own experience, when I do this meditation in a morning, I can guarantee for myself, that my day is going to flow in a way that has ease. My day has meaning and the connections that I wanted for myself and I seem to have energy for what I need. All I can say is try it for yourself and let me know how you go via my email 

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