6 week Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Yoga Course (USA$)


single payment of $30

Welcome to our Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self-Care Online Yoga Course

The course is US$30 and you are free to use the classes as often as you like. The course starts from your date of purchase and runs for a full year.

How can I join the course?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the red button.

How will this course help me?

Within our Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Yoga Course you’ll find 15 lessons covering:

  • Creating your personalised self care routine (or non routine!) using our lovely healing yoga postures, calming breathing techniques, full body relaxations and Meditations.
  • Using your yoga practice as a deep self-care process
  • Balancing your nervous system
  • Gently and mindfully let go of emotions and resistance to letting go
  • Developing your confidence
  • Specific pranayama, meditation, and relaxations
  • Each individual class has details of the benefits to you for practising the class
  • Re- connect emotionally and/or help you to gently release emotions around a particular issue through the use of intentions during your practice.

I look forward to guiding you through your Yoga lessons and connecting with you along the way.




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