6 week Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Yoga Course


single payment of $30

Welcome to our Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self-Care Online Yoga Course

This course officially starts on the 22nd June and runs until the 28th July 2019. I will be providing a weekly live video on my Facebook Page which will guide your practice for the whole 6 weeks from Saturday 22nd June – 3rd August 2019.

I will be available via my Facebook Page and Messenger to answer questions and help you through your weekly practice.

The course is US$30 for the whole 6 weeks ($5 per week) and you are free to use the classes as often as you like.

How can I join the course?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the red button.

As soon as you join you will be able to access the classes until the 28th July 2019 when the course finishes. Scroll down to sign up. 

Within our Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Yoga Course you’ll find 13 lessons with each lesson covering a specific aspect of how your yoga practice can support your emotional health including:

  • Balancing your nervous system,
  • Letting go of emotions and resistance to letting go,
  • Using your yoga practice as a deep self-care process,
  • Developing your confidence
  • Specific pranayama, meditation, and relaxations.
  • Each individual class has details of the benefits to you for practicing the class.

This course is designed to help you re- connect to where you are emotionally and/or help you to gently release emotions around a particular issue through the use of intentions during your practice. 

Read our two blogs to take your learning to a deeper level:

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Head to the sign up button at the bottom of the page to join. 

Here’s a little more information for those who like to know the details…..

  • Each class begins with a warm up with a focus on the muscles you will be using in the postures within the class.
  • In some of the longer classes, I have included an energy block release sequence which is a sequence of movements which work through your whole body to release energy from tight muscles, joints, and your spine. These sequences allow you to physically and mentally prepare for a deeper experience of the postures that follow.
  • Following on, you will then move onto one or two lovely balancing postures.
  • Choose from three soothing relaxations. Relaxation is a time for your body and mind to deeply relax. It’s the time when your energy and vitality are restored and you consciously nourish yourself. It’s a time to love and appreciate who you are as you allow yourself to let go and be.
  • Experience our gratitude meditation.
  • Create the class you wish by adding in what you feel you need for your practice. You are free to choose which classes you would like to practice or follow my guidance.

I look forward to guiding you through your Yoga lessons and connecting with you along the way.





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