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Be creative with your self-care and choose your practice from our wide range of options.

Our Monthly Payment plan allows you to access all our online yoga, meditation, relaxation and holistic health courses with a small month by month fee.
If the classes aren’t your thing, no problem, simply cancel your membership before the month is up. You can always receive the love from our inspiring newsletters instead.
Curious on how online yoga works?
Ready to jump right in and commit? You can access our courses through our Standard Membership Plan (Annual payment).


You will have full access to all our yoga, meditation, relaxation and holistic health courses (currently we have 58 different classes for you). The unique part of our online yoga classes is that we have filmed a large proportion of them absolutely stunning locations on our planet so you have this as your backdrop for your practice.
Join our community of like-minded kindred spirits in our Online Facebook Community. Ask me questions, let me help you develop your yoga practice and share positive and inspiration posts in our community.
Receive regular newsletters where I share my blogs on health and wellbeing, new videos and our latest classes and other inspirational articles – all designed to give you a boost and reset your self-care barometer.
Use our Asana/Posture Mapping Tool to find the right class for you based on the postures in the class and associated benefits, & the length of time of the class.
Use our Safety Briefing Guide (or ask me – I’m always here) to make sure your practice is safe for you.
Watch our 5 Tips for how to do yoga at home for beginners video for more on how to ensure you are safe and doing your practice correctly



How is a regular yoga practice going to help me?


Yoga is a wonderfully beneficially practice for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our classes will give you greater strength, flexibility, and agility. Allow your mind to have fewer thoughts, release blocked emotions, find your inner peace….just to name a few. My absolute favourite thing about yoga is it helps me have a complete mindset shift when I come up against resistance. This for me is priceless and helps me get past stuff that is stopping me from living the way I’d like to live.
You choose your practice: decide how long you want the session, how regular, what you want to include depending on how you feel. it’s all your choice and we make it easy for you by giving you a guide of all this information and where the class for you is located.
You want to have a private space so you can have a deeper practice and take time for yourself to journal, have a cuppa, create the space you want with music, candles, essential oils. This is all possible without much effort. There is a guide in our Meditation Course to give you some top tips to do this. Sometimes it’s a quick practice, other times it’s a beautiful long practice where you get to have that special nourishment. Again it’s your choice!
You want to fit around your family and work so you can give time to other areas of your life. We all know the theory of putting your own life vest on first. It’s the same thing with your practice. Top up your energy and have so much more for your loved ones. 
Create your own spiritual practice from our bank of resources. We have so much to choose from. Choose a short yoga class and a longer meditation or a breathing exercise then a relaxation, just a relaxation or an inspiring video to get you back on track.