Mind over back pain – relaxation for pain relief

There are many natural ways to relax your back & keep your spine healthy and happy, flexible and pain-free. 

Over the month of May, I have writing a series of blogs to look at how relaxation can bring natural pain and stress relief. Our first blog looked at how relaxation can help your physical body as a natural pain reliever. Our second blog looked at your mindset and how relaxation can help you to release tension with focus and breath awareness. This week in our final blog in this series we will look at how your mind over back pain and, if left to its own devices, can make up stories of your health which may not always be true. We’ll talk about:

  • How relaxation helps you change your mindset
  • How your stress and anxiety may be making the negative experience you may be having worse
  • Why it will benefit you in both the short and long term to use relaxation as natural pain relief and to manage your stress and anxiety around the situation.
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See the bigger picture of an ongoing health issue

Sometimes the mind has a life of its own. It comes up with some seriously dramatic interpretations of events and we have to check in and assess for ourselves the truth of what is being presented before us. Like most people, I have experienced times of anxiety in my life and have learnt how to manage these over dramatising thoughts and feelings. Yoga and meditation have been a huge part to play in managing the stress and anxiety in a gentle, compassionate and natural way.

When you are living with back pain, and related stress and anxiety, our minds can become fearful and imagine that the situation is never going to get better and even worse, you feel you have no control over the situation.

Neither of these is true and there are some amazing yoga teachers I’ve met who have defied medical diagnoses and worked their way our of wheelchairs with yoga and meditation. True! Some of my yoga students have become pain-free after decades of ongoing back pain.

When you allow yourself to relax you can become the master of your thoughts and begin to challenge your fears. After a relaxation many students have said how they feel they have their true perspective back. They feel stronger knowing they have their inner strength to face life’s challenges. Yoga and relaxation doesn’t make all the challenges of life disappear but it simply gives us the wisdom and inner strength to face them as well as the reassurance that we now have tools for life to address back pain, stress and anxiety.

Are you ready to take charge your health and reclaim your life?

You can start to get the feeling perhaps that you have more control over your body’s health than you previously thought. Often it can be an ongoing journey but you can definitely take the driving seat in this journey. When we feel more in control we tend to feel less anxious. One of the greatest causes of stress and anxiety is when we feel we have no say and are disempowered.

Relaxation can help you take this control back. Click on the button across and give yourself 20 minutes to practice relaxation a few times a week (simply play before you go to sleep once you’re in bed if you’re struggling for the time) and notice the difference for yourself.  To add in some gentle movement first go over to our Facebook Page and try out our Tune-Up Tuesday Free Yoga videos.

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