Music Playlists for Yoga Classes

Music Playlist for Yoga classes

Suggestions for a music playlist for my online yoga, meditation and relaxation practice.

Recently I was asked about having music alongside our yoga, meditation and relaxation classes and recommended suggestions for music playlists for yoga classes.

I like to play music in my face to face yoga classes and I’m sure a lot of you will enjoy having music with your practice. Music allows our minds to tune into the yoga practice and gives us something to focus on. I find it helps me to move into a deeper yoga practice.

I have two ways you can do this using a tablet, laptop or PC to watch your yoga classes.

1. YouTube. Open up a new tab (as well as Soul Harmony Yoga). Go onto Youtube and have a look at these Channels. I love their music and use them for meditations, relaxations, and my yoga classes:

Both have really relaxing music that will work with your brain and nervous system to help bring you into a calm and balanced place in your practice.

2. Spotify
You will have to do a little more for this. You will need to open up a Spotify Account. (Spotify has all sorts of music on it – you can become a free member and listen to playlists and music that people have put together or just choose albums/genres of music etc).

Head over to the Yoga Journal Public playlists and choose what mood you’re in and what type of class you like. They have playlists of songs that you can play alongside the yoga classes.

Once you start to play your music just switch back to Soul Harmony Yoga and play your class. It should play both for you. I use a Mac or Ipad and it plays both on there.

Let me know how you go and post any good music you like on the Soul Harmony Yoga Online community Page so we can all have a listen. If you click on the image on this post you’ll find some lovely music. 

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