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There are many natural ways to relax your back & keep your spine healthy and happy, flexible and pain-free. 

In the first blog in our series of Spinal Health blog we looked at how relaxation can help your physical body as a natural pain reliever. This week we are looking at your mindset and how relaxation can help you to release tension with focus and breath awareness as well as going a little deeper to listen to your body and know what the pain may be drawing your attention to. Here are the next two areas to consider and a free guided relaxation to help take you there and deal with the physical aspects of natural pain relief. To get your relaxation now simply click on the button to the right.

For Soul Harmony Yoga members you’ll find this lovely 20-minute relaxation here, sign in and away you go. But first read on.

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Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction

When you practice relaxation regularly you’ll begin to notice your thoughts. Mindfulness based stress reduction is the process of becoming the observer of your thoughts and realising that you are more than the thoughts that pass through your mind. You actually have the ability to change the thoughts and take charge of what you choose to think about.

Initially, I’ll be honest, it is easier said than done. But over time and with a regular relaxation time in your day or a few times a week you’ll be able to acknowledge the thoughts and choose if you currently believe this to be true or is this an old pattern or belief that’s on a hamster wheel of thought.

In relation to managing pain, say for example with recurring back pain, it may be that you can choose to take charge of the pain. When we acknowledge a sensation in the body and really be present with it and let go of resistance suddenly there becomes a release. It may be small but it occurs. There is more pain caused by feeling stressed about the pain than just being with and noticing the actual sensations. You get to know the feelings and that’s where it gets interesting. Read on……

Deepen your mind-body communication

When you give yourself time to notice general aches and pains in the body and be present with them rather than try and resist them you can then begin to listen to what your body is telling you about why the pain is presenting itself. Often the body can be giving a message (it goes without saying that surgery and injuries have their own physical reasons why you experience pain) to you of something that you are not seeing or acknowledging.

For example, whilst travelling around Western Australia to film classes for our online yoga classes,  I spent time in some places which were fairly isolated. Western Australia is a big place with very few people in it! I noticed my back began to ache in a way that I had never felt before. I hadn’t injured myself but I felt stiff and achy when I woke up. For a yoga teacher this is unusual!!

I asked around for a good massage therapist, a great stress reliever I always find. I asked her to investigate. She found the exact spot on my back where the pain was coming from and then she said, “Ah this is the part of your spine that represents how supported you feel. ( This was in relation to the meridian points in Chinese Medicine – a whole other blog). 

You need to release stress and worry. It made so much sense to me and my body was trying to tell me to source more support. My hubby and I were far away from our family and on top of that also far away from our friends and I discovered I didn’t feel so good about that and I was avoiding thinking about it. Thankfully we left this town and went back to visit our friends and the pain went away (after a couple of good massages too).

It’s not always that straight forward but deepening the conversation with your body when it presents pain is an empowering way to take care of your own health and emotions and is a great way of reducing stress and anxiety naturally.

How to start a dialogue with your body?

  1. Before you start the relaxation below prepare a space where you won’t be distracted.
  2. Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths and ask your body to show you areas whilst you go through the relaxation which needs some attention. (You may be aware of this already so move onto the next step).
  3. As you relax ask yourself what your body is trying to communicate to you through this pain? Questions such as ‘What do I need for myself right now’, ‘What emotions am I holding onto that I need to let go of’, or ‘What’s the next step to moving beyond this pain or tension’.
  4. Without trying, simply notice what comes into your thoughts. It’s different for everyone and usually not what you expect.
  5. You may get an answer then or after the relaxation. Allow yourself to be aware and notice. Ask your mind and body to let you know.

Relaxation can help you take this control back.

If you are not yet a member of our website – Click on the button across and give yourself 20 minutes to practice relaxation a few times a week (simply play before you go to sleep once you’re in bed if you’re struggling for the time) and notice the difference for yourself.  To add in some gentle movement first go over to our Facebook Page and try out our Tune-Up Tuesday Free Yoga videos.

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For Soul Harmony Yoga members click on this lovely 20-minute relaxation, sign in and away you go. Use as an aid to help you get a good nights sleep or to re-energise you during the day. If you know friends who will benefit from this relaxation you can share with the social media buttons below. 

I’d love to hear how you go on. Just drop a comment in the box below and let me know.

Happy chatting.

Namaste Debs x

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