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Welcome to Your 2017

You may be feeling a little bloated, tired and not new at all or you could be feeling totally inspired and full of energy for what the New year is going to bring. You may be wondering which class to take on your Online Yoga Classes. 

Either way, here’s what I’d like to recommend to you. I wanted to highlight the One Day Online Detox Course which includes two Yoga Classes, a detox video presentation and a 27 page E-Book on the hows and whys of detoxing. These classes are available through our Annual Standard Membership.

The course is designed to inspire or re-inspire you to go through a detox where you feel fully supported and knowledgeable about what to do and how to do it at a time and pace that suits you. after all the celebrations of the Christmas and New Year period your body may welcome a break and a chance to recover in an easy and guided way. 

The course gives you time to connect with your relationship with food and the concept of ‘you are what you eat’. With all the hard work and research done for you you can get the detox up and running in no time.

It’s really easy to follow and the process is all written out for you in the Detox Manual. You can try out new recipes which are totally delicious but don’t leave you feeling bloated and heavy. My students have reported not having cravings for caffeine, sugar and wheat when eating these foods and have found it really easy to let them go without too much difficult instead incorporating healthier foods which energise you and make you feel good.

Having an intention to start your new year in this way sends a clear message out to the universe that you are ready and willing to embrace a happy and healthy year.

What other students have said about the course:

“The recipes are so easy and so delicious.  Also the  juicing combinations ….great ideas to keep going and trying different tastes. The videos to compliment and enhance the detox day.  I really enjoyed the relaxation.  I liked the knowledge given about the organs of the body and the effect of toxins.  Makes you think and understand more about importance of food.  “you are what you eat’ “.

“I wasn’t bloated anywhere like I normally would have been. The detox has made me refocus on habits I need to quash. I didn’t actually have any cravings like I usually do”.

“I loved menu.  I enjoyed making the recipes …the family loved them too”.

“It is possible to plan my detox when it best suits me”.

“The workbook was excellent with loads of detail about the reason for detoxing and how to follow the course. I thought the slides and talk were really well organised with plenty of good images. I liked the fact it was your voice telling the information as it felt more personal and the checklist email was really helpful too”.

“The Course was easy to follow – the detox day was set out really clearly and took a lot of the effort out of the process.  As soon as I started reading the booklet it felt as if the detox was achievable and something I could adapt to suit me. It was really interesting.  I already knew a lot of the information and had been incorporating some elements into my diet eg. I am vegetarian and use chorella/chia but I have never found the time/head space to sit down and really focus.  You have done all the hard work for me”!

What’s in the course?

Yoga Video 1– A 40 minute online yoga class to help your body gently cleanse and relax your body

Yoga Video 2– A 40 minute Restorative Yoga, Breath work and relaxation video

Yoga Video Presentation –A Health talk on how to detox and what to be aware of

A 27 page E-Book has on exercises for detoxing, plenty of juicing ideas, the ‘re-toxing’ process, how your organs detox, additional activities to support your detox and a one day menu plan with recipes for a general detox and cleanse. 

This booklet is an easy to follow wealth of information that will inspire you from getting started to successfully completing your detox with the view that you will then know the enormous benefits for your health of making detoxing a regular part of your life once you feel the energy and goodness that it brings. There is even a shopping list to help make gathering your goodies even easier.

So I invite you to get inspired, take your time and enjoy a good cleanse to start your new year off on the right foot. Maybe avoid putting lots of pressure on yourself and go with which parts suit you. Read my Affirmation poster to inspire you to create a space for self care and most of all…..enjoy.

Namaste, Love and light for your New Year

Debs x

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