5 Tips for how to do yoga at home for beginners

Have you wondered how you will know you are doing your yoga at home correctly? Watch our video and read through our 5 Tips for how to do yoga at home for beginners to help you discover how easy it is.

You may wonder:

How do I know if I’m doing the poses correctly?

How can I do yoga at home safely?

5 tips on how to do yoga at home
  • If you have any current health issues or injuries mention to your health consultant or practitioner that you’d like to practice yoga at home. Ask them if there are any movements that you should avoid, for example, you would not practice forward bends if you had been diagnosed with sciatica. You could also ask what they feel may be helpful to you as well. Once you have this information you can choose appropriate classes using our Mapping Tool. This tool references the time of the classes and all the benefits. I strongly advise reading our Safety Briefing before starting any classes. This document goes through common issues and what to avoid if you are experiencing¬†them
  • Take time to listen to your body. Feel into how postures feel and let your body be the guide. None of our classes are designed for you to be experiencing any pain at all. You may feel a tightness in your body but anymore and I’d advise you reduce your stretch or stop altogether with stronger discomfort.
  • Watch the posture or sequence first in our class demonstrations. Once you have seen the posture I will then invite you to join me. Simply follow my instructions as I guide you step by step. You can play back the videos as much as you like to make sure you understand.
  • Listen to the alignment points as I guide you and take time to position your body based on these instructions.
  • Use a mirror to see your positioning. It might feel strange but checking out your position initially is really helpful and you can also ‘feel’ the correct position. After a few times, our body has a way of remembering these positions and you’ll start to feel when you are out of alignment naturally.
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