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Yoga for Emotional Balance & Self-Care Online Workshop

We already know how important it is to find emotional balance in our everyday lives as feeling out of balance emotionally can make us feel awful! Yoga, relaxation, and meditation are all wonderful tools to help you find balance in your thoughts and emotions. In this workshop, you’ll be guided through the steps to take to find this balance and learn how to maintain your emotional balance.

The Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self-Care Online Workshop gives you the tools to:

Free up and release tightness and tension in your body 
Recognise the feelings and behaviours of when you have stopped taking enough care of yourself such as becoming too busy, doing many things but none of them well, feeling an inner agitation or anxiety and resisting relaxing or your usual self-care practices. Shift unhealthy, unsupportive emotions into constructive and helpful ones
Turn your path back towards self-care with some easy to implement 10-minute lessons to begin to build your self-care momentum. Work up to longer gentle yoga for emotional balance, relaxation and guided meditations once this momentum builds. 
Follow a process to rebalance your nervous system, release fear and resistance and begin to create more time, space and perspective in your daily experience
Balance the ups and downs of your emotions & bring you back to your energised and positive self, connect to your relationships in a fulfilling way and feel clear and confident in your day to day life.
Reclaim your time and feel there is enough time in your day
Be clear that you are enough in who you are and you are enough in all that you do

This online workshop has the power to radically change & improve your relationships, your energy levels, your day to day experience, your attitude and perspectives and the levels of compassion you have for yourself and others, in a truly positive way.  


Student Feedback from Tina
I have been following the Soul Harmony Yoga “Self Care & Emotional Balance Course” for exactly a month today. As someone who has been quite resistant to Yoga in the past, I was amazed to find that I didn’t feel like that with the lessons in this course. I really enjoyed it from the very first lesson. I like Deb’s teaching style very much, and found the mix of static and moving poses excellent for stopping that feeling of frustration that I’ve often felt during Yoga classes in the past. After the very first lesson, I was amazed by how much my neck and back were freed up, and since i had been suffering with almost daily headaches, scalp pain and neck and shoulder pain, the difference was very welcome. Since then I have re-done the first lesson at least once each week, fitting the others in on other days as I’ve felt called to do them. I can feel the difference in my body and my awareness of my body, and emotionally I have felt much calmer and happier. I would recommend this course to anyone, especially if they have not enjoyed Yoga before!
Tina Merrybard
*”Huge treat for myself- feeling nurtured”
*”Quality time to relax and de-stress- time out”
*”A reminder that you have the positivity and good energy within”
*”Knowing it’s only ME that can change things”
*”Good intentions have to become actions”

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What’s included in the online workshop?

The online workshop includes 9 online lessons in total including: A 20-minute Presentation on the Rebalancing your Emotions and Upgrading your Self Care, 4 Gentle online Yoga lessons for releasing tension and tightness in your body and emotions ranging from 20 minutes to one-hour classes, a breathing exercise (pranayama), 2 online guided relaxations, an online meditation and bonus videos and resources. 
Each lesson covers a specific aspect of how your yoga practice supports your emotional health from:
* Yoga postures to release tightness and stored tension, balance your emotions & balance your nervous system Yoga to address common emotional states such as irritability, restlessness, depression, anxiety, sadness, and stress
* Letting go of emotions and resistance to letting go
* Using your yoga practice as a deep self-care process and learn how to process your emotions through yoga, relaxation, and meditation
* Developing your confidence
* Specific pranayama, meditation, and relaxations
* Develop your own personalised self-care plan
* Bonus resources and tools for creating emotional balance ensuring you maintain your self-care in an easy and manageable way.
* This resource is sent as an electronic PDF file and all courses are yours forever more once purchased. 

Additional benefits my students have experienced from this workshop:

* “I feel put back together again physically from the yoga session. My whole body feels better”
* “Time, space and prompts to take better care for me & those around me”
* “Relaxation, time to breath and think, time to be just me”
* “A sense of well-being, clarity & motivation to self-care”
* “Space for nourishment for my soul”

My aims of this workshop are for you to:

* Explore this subject with an experienced yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner. Click here for more about Debs as a teacher
Debs Fawcett Yoga Teacher
* To bring your emotions and thoughts back into balance
* To share tried and tested self-care tools & resources to help increase your self-care and show you the steps back to emotional balance
* To bring tools which help you transform and manage day to day stresses so you are able to confidently ‘keep all the plates spinning’ yet recognise when letting go may be more helpful
* Find a new found confidence knowing you are giving yourself time to bring self-care further up your list of essentials
* Experience the satisfaction of seeing your loved ones benefit when you are feeling great in yourself, loved & cared for
* Feel the relief knowing that making life easier, by including self-care time, brings great rewards for you
* Give you time to consider your own needs and create a plan to ensure they are met more regularly

So what’s in this workshop for you?

* The well-known benefits of a yoga practice to nourish and nurture you at the deepest levels such as boosting your energy, releasing tiredness, tight muscles and tension, & having more clarity and confidence
* Planning time and tools to explore what, when, how, where and why regarding your own self-care
* Guided relaxations and meditation
* Receive a BONUS OFFER of your specially discounted rate of 15% discount on a Standard membership when purchased within 1 month of purchasing this E-Package. 

Common words, thoughts, and feelings associated with this workshop from those who have participated in it: 

Previous Workshop Testimonials from other students: 

“Your teaching style is thorough, comprehensive, clear and very caring. It creates a lovely calm and relaxed atmosphere- thank you”.

“Wonderful as ever Debs – made me think a lot about making time for some of your online yoga seen as I can’t emigrate to Australia”.

“It was a wonderful workshop with lots to take home & continue the momentum of Yoga”

“It was a lovely 3 hours doing the Emotional Balance and Self-care Workshop”.

“Realised & recognised how much I miss Dru Yoga and the holistic effects it has – will look into the online courses as soon as I can”

The workshops are a useful time to reflect and focus in more depth. Lovely experience which helps to destress and increase physical and emotional states. Highly recommended. Thanks, Debs-another great session. The more I learn I realise I need to practice even more. The information sheets were really helpful. Thanks. 

Thank you for another excellent workshop Debs. A well-balanced mix of practical and physical yoga and the underlying philosophies. Really enjoyed further exploring the energetic aspects of Dru Yoga. Keep doing what you’re doing because what you do is amazing.

Really excellent workshop. The mix of theoretical input alongside the yoga and relaxation and meditation is very helpful. Thanks Debs 

I gave myself time for a lovely morning experiencing Yoga practice and knowledge which help me to understand the movements in relation to the power of the practice. Thank you very much.

I enjoyed the workshop thank you. Much of what you taught resonated with my understanding and reinforced my beliefs. I enjoyed a mixture of movement and breathing. The explanations were really helpful.

Really enjoyed the workshop. Felt high-energy feelings and cerise pink colour during meditation. Lovely. Please email Brownie recipe!

So glad to come back to yoga practice, I’ve missed it. Thank you Debs.

Fabulous-Really enjoyed it especially the philosophy and nadis-interesting stuff. Feel very chilled! Thank you.

I loved the yoga and was very pleased that I was able to follow you easily and with confidence. You created a lovely environment – warm and welcoming and relaxed. 

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