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Product Description

Our Spinal Health Care Online Workshop E-Book is an online resource of up to date information to teach you how to care for your spine to ensure you maintain a healthy spine for life. 

Maintaining a healthy spine ensures:  

  • You maintain good posture,
  • You have freedom of movement
  • You remain free from back pain in the long term.

Back pain can be debilitating and cause us mental and emotional stress as well as physical pain. 

Maintaining your general spinal health can be done with:

  • A few exercises throughout your week,
  • A knowledge of how the spine and the basic anatomy functions
  • Having a greater awareness of what is happening in your body
  • Knowing what to do when you feel your spine is uncomfortable.

This online yoga workshop has been designed to do this for you and be a one stop shop to help you keep your spine healthy for life.

The online yoga course includes information on:

  • The importance of Spinal Health – general statistics based on our current lifestyles and the issues we face
  • A brief overview of spinal anatomy including a short video
  • How you and your spine will benefit from strengthening your core muscles. Learn where they are and how to train and strengthen your core muscles
  • What is the fascia, why you need to know about it & the benefits of stretching your fascia tissues for your spine
  • How yoga and relaxation help to reduce inflammation
  • How to use Mindfulness to help reduce stress in your body and mind
  • How to take charge of your own health and healing path


I have begun Debs’ Spinal Health Care Course with extra attention on strengthening core muscles. I am really enjoying it as I have not had a yoga practice for a couple of years due to joint pains and other issues. I am delighted that I am not suffering any ill effects from beginning again and it has been a wonderful introduction to getting back on track. I am looking forward to becoming healthier and stronger with the help of Debs great courses!` Thank you Debs! I can really recommend this programme especially for those of us unable to attend live classes.
P.S. Did I mention that I’m ancient ?????? 67 and counting so even more wary of new beginnings.

Rene Walker

So what’s in this workshop for you?

This workshop has been carefully put together to show you step by step how to maintain a healthy spine. We have included theory, yoga poses for spinal health and a relaxation to keep your spine healthy (included in the one-hour yoga class). 
  • A brief overview of your spinal anatomy
  • A 10-minute restorative yoga class specifically for your spine
  • A 10-minute video of exercises to develop your core strength
  • A 10-minute class to guide you through a gentle yoga practice to move the spine in all four directions to ensure your whole back is stretched and strengthened.
  • A full hour Yoga class designed to connect you on a deeper level with your whole spine. The lesson takes you through a series of movements to strengthen & lengthen your spine. It reintroduces your awareness into your spinal flexibility and current strength.

Throughout the resource, I’ve included some ‘Actions’ for you to consider and help you to get the most out of the resource.

* Receive a BONUS OFFER of your specially discounted rate of 15% discount on a Standard membership when purchased within 1 month of purchasing this Online Workshop.

For more detail of the course click on the images above.

What’s included in the online workshop yoga classes?

The online workshop includes 4 online yoga lessons in total including: 
*Restorative Spinal Health Video

This short video will teach you stretches and yoga postures to ensure you have a healthy spine, where possible. As you practice these stretches and postures you will also begin to feel the tension and tightness releasing from your spine. Practised over time these stretches will help you to reduce general back pain and lower back pain.

*Gentle exercises to strengthen your core and back muscles

This video will teach you where your core muscles are and how to gently strengthen them with awareness and without the need of high impact exercise. As you strengthen your core muscles you will also begin to strengthen your lower back and train your brain to activate your core muscles when they are needed.

*How to create flexibility and suppleness in your spine in 4 easy movements

This is a short 10-minute video to guide you through a gentle yoga practice to move the spine in all four directions to ensure your whole back is stretched and strengthened.

*Spinal Health Yoga Course Lesson 1

A full one hour lesson designed to connect you on a deeper level with your whole spine. The lesson takes you through a series of movements to strengthen & lengthen your spine. Experience the deep relaxation at the end of the class.

* This resource is sent as an electronic PDF file and all courses are yours forever more once purchased. 

Previous Workshop Testimonials from other students: 

Debs yoga Class has banished my arthritis, improved my posture and core strength. Most importantly it is blissfully relaxing and spiritually healing. It’s great to understand the benefits of the postures and breathing for the mind and body.

Debs is the best yoga teacher. I have been attending her classes since you started at the sanctuary and hate to miss a week. She’s mindful of arthritic joints and individual limitations and her gentle manner and voice relax mind and body. I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I couldn’t get through the week without it! Highly recommended.

Soul Harmony Yoga keeps me flexible and helps me quickly find inner calm.

Since I started doing yoga with Debs I have found it very beneficial in becoming more flexible, my back ache is now none existent and my asthma has improved though doing the breathing exercises. I would definitely recommend giving yoga with Debs a try! 

Always leave feeling uplifted, less stressful and without aches.

Can’t imagine life without Yoga. It’s better suppleness that I didn’t have before through the movements and stillness to the minds through the meditations. Debs is a fantastic teacher. 

Deb’s classes have changed my life. I have no back pain after 25 years of problems. I feel full of peace, love, and happiness.

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