Soul Harmony Yoga Meditations

Practicing Yoga and Meditation

When we practice Meditation after our Yoga Practice it allows us to go into a deeper, relaxed and alert space. This is due to the effects of yoga on the nervous system. It allows your mind to be stiller as your nervous system is relaxed and balanced. I find this particularly useful to gain clarity and focus for my working life. When I begin the day with a meditation everything seems to run smoothly and I seem to find what I need when I need it, whether it be information, yoga students or energy. I read a great article which expands on this concept recently. Its about how your Yoga and meditation Practice stokes an Entrepreneurial Spirit. Read here. 

So…..What is the Purpose of Meditation?

The purpose of meditation is to bring our mind into a still and peaceful space. The purpose of bringing our mind into a still and peaceful space is so we can be present in the moment. The purpose of being present in the moment is to free ourselves from the worries of the past and any anxieties about what may be in the future. When we come into this peaceful and still space we can discover our true nature which is one of joy, harmony and balance. We begin to have access to our inner wisdom, our deeper truth and we can connect to our hearts.

About our meditations

All of the meditations in the website can be used by everyone who is registered to the site. They are there for you so that you can tailor your lesson to what you wish for that particular day. For example you may want to add it to one of the free short yoga sessions and make up a deeper session or you can add it to your Membership Class so you can have both a Yoga and Meditation Class.

My favourite Meditation… this moment is the Heart Meditation.

This meditation is a short heart opening meditation to bring you back into your heart space. You can find it in the free meditations section. Most of the time we spend our time in our heads and make decisions from a place of pure logic. To make balanced and wise decisions for ourselves it can be more beneficial to tune into your heart and mind. This meditation will allow you to tune into your compassionate and kind self where sometimes life can look very different. It reminds me to nurture myself and others from the heart which always feels like a lovely way to be.


Where can I access Soul Harmony Yoga Meditations?

You’ll find a section in our online course library of our ‘Guided Online Meditation Classes‘.

You will nearly always find that your meditation practice will be ‘easier’ after a yoga practice. This occurs as you have created movement through the stretches with your body and balanced your nervous system. Yoga was originally developed as a practice to prepare for meditation.

The course will:

  • Provide you with a themed yoga and meditation class each week
  • Support you to develop and/or maintain your current meditation practice
  • Give you some new resources to add to your meditation tool kit.
  • Including 6 recorded meditations (plus a bonus Full Moon Relaxation) along with a choice of 2 optional yoga classes to prepare your mind and body for the class.

If you are not yet a member of our website we warmly invite you to join for just US$14 per month with our Monthly Membership

All these meditations will guide you back to your beautiful calm, centred and balanced self where you feel good being in your own skin and revitalised.




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