Student Feedback

When you are looking for a online yoga teacher it is really important to hear what other students have to say about the yoga classes.

I love hearing back from my students about the different ways in which my online lessons have helped them. It surprises me that it’s always different for everyone. Have a read below.

                                                   Online Yoga Courses from Members

“I have been doing Soul Harmony yoga classes for over 5 years now.  I have attended the classes that Debs taught in person in England and I am now a member of the website.  I absolutely love the classes!

Debs always puts so much time and effort into making every class fit for the purpose it is intended for and I can’t imagine how many hours she spends prepping and thinking these through.

I love the mixture of some strenuous poses, stretching, relaxing & revitalisation of the mind.

I have currently been enjoying doing the short detox course which is great to do in a morning to wake yourself up and I have also been focussed on completing a short 20 or 30-minute class every morning.

I have tried a class from most courses on the website and there hasn’t been one that I have not enjoyed.  My next challenge is to try and fit at least 2 x hour classes into my weekly routine too.

Thank you Debs for always being on hand to gently encourage, motivate and advise on what classes are best suited to the challenges I am trying to address”

Beth, Telecoms Director

Student Feedback from Beth

“Debs is such a precious find… She has taught me so much during my yoga journey….. My yoga practice with Soul Harmony Yoga leaves me feeling both calm and uplifted, relaxed and recharged, peaceful and revitalised. Both grounded and with a sense of lightness and a spring in my step. Always a joy to share the gift of Deb’s lovely energy, essence and gentle light. I feel ever renewed, returned to myself.

Within this busy world, I find it is always possible to be connected with Yoga. Thank you so very very much.”

Emma, Pharmacist and Belly Dancer

Student Feedback from Emma
Student Feedback Shirley

“Debs has been my yoga teacher for the past eight years, and since she moved to Australia a year ago, I have followed the classes she has set up online at Soul Harmony Yoga.

She is a brilliant teacher, full of understanding, compassion, and gives of herself to each of her students at every workshop she has done online as well as personally on a face to face basis.

Her knowledge and depth of experience are forever unfolding at every turn.  Her online classes are always interesting and knowledgeable and are obviously put together with a great deal of thought and care.

I would recommend anybody to join her class and benefit their bodies as well as their souls”.

Shirley, Owner Backhouse Insurance

Student Feedback from Fiona

“Being able to do quality classes with a qualified yoga teacher in the comfort of my own home at a time and place to suit me is fantastic. This is going to be all the more convenient now the northern hemisphere winter is on the way, as going out in the dark, on cold and wet evenings to find a yoga class is not very appealing.

I love the classes filmed with the backdrop of the Western Australian landscape and sunny weather. It definitely helps my well being and brings back great memories for me of my travels there.

Your bite-sized classes to help with ‘spinal health’ are so very handy and useful. I incorporate these stretches into my daily life and they certainly help keep my back flexible and pain-free. “. 

Fiona, Civil Servant

“Just wanted to say thanks debs for your online yoga membership. Debs online yoga membership is just what I need. I can choose from classes from 20 mins to an hour with different themes. I like having the flexibility to do yoga when it suits me, as I run and do other exercises I find that if I don’t do a yoga class at least once a week my body feels stiff. I like Debs’ classes as they are gentle and easy to follow.

I have benefited myself this evening as I have been really busy most of the day and I find that the time I spend in the evening doing yoga helps me wind down and switch off.

I regularly went to Debs yoga class and found she has the skill to deliver her yoga classes that really let you come into a deeper place within yourself. I have been a member of her online classes since October and have regularly been doing Debs yoga classes. Being a transformational coach I find that I can easily get busy with clients and be developing my own business.

Because I love what I do I find it difficult to stop and actually have had to teach myself to stop and slow down. I have recently been doing Debs 1 hour class instead of her 20 mins and what a difference! Using this practice is helping me come into balance and make sure I spend this quality time with me and helping me to switch off from my own business”.

Karen Howarth, Mother, family weaver, creative healer and intuitive coach

Student Feedback Karen

“Just wanted to say that your classes have really helped me prepare for a busy month of exhibitions. You have steadied the ship! I’ve had exhibitions in London and the States so it’s been all go. It’s inspired by the sea”.

Jo, Artist

Student Feedback from Jo
Student Feedback from Diane

I’m a 54-year-old full-time Granny. I started taking classes with Debs to help me be more flexible. I got much more than that! Not only did I become this but my back pain that I had for years has gone, if I feel any twinges I do a few of the spinal classes and that helps.

My yoga helps with releasing any tension, I’m more relaxed and find it easier to sleep! Before Debs moved to Australia I had a 1 to 1 session with her to be more confident to do the online classes. I’ve just signed up for my second year.

I make sure I do one class a week and then if I have time I’ll fit another in. This is the benefit of doing yoga online it fits in when and where you want it to. I would definitely recommend doing yoga with Deb’s! 

Diane, Full-Time Granny


“The Soul Harmony Yoga website is amazing and the amount of information given is fantastic.  It seems to be that there is quite a lot synchronicity between where I am sometimes and then what Debs writes about in her newsletters or face book page.

When Debs was in the UK I attended some of her classes and then had one to one sessions.  When she went to Australia I signed up for the membership and it is so good to keep in touch and to know how she is getting on.  I had an issue with my hips and wondered if she had any exercises working on the hip area.  It was so easy to get in touch with her and she responded the next day, and said that although she had nothing relevant to hips on her classes she was going to add it onto the on-line classes and then later on she followed it through with helpful info in her newsletter with regards to hips.  I therefore would have no hesitation in recommending Debs and the Soul Harmony website”.

           Shirley, Health Coach

“I have used Soul Harmony Yoga website for over a year now and what is offers is really unique. Whilst you can find lots of videos on YouTube of yoga I have not found one that has the full range of benefits of this website. It is a comprehensive site that offers lifestyle ideas, detailed background information and safety advice.
I joined because I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I was feeling very low about it. I had done Dru Yoga before and loved the focus on relaxation and flexibility and balance. Debs replied with an informative and supportive email and asked me to read the detailed safety guidelines on the website relating to blood pressure. It is excellent if you are new to yoga. Her guidance ensures your practice is safe and beneficial.
Equally if you have experience: there’s  wide range of classes to choose from – I still haven’t done all the online classes!
I love the fact I can practice anytime within the privacy of my own home. I’ve had further emails recommending next steps and the blogs for health tips – her expertise on stress management goes beyond yoga!
I have recommended the website to many friends and without doubt worth every penny. I was lucky enough to have a 1 to 1 lesson with Debs and I had the best nights sleep I’d had in years. As a skilled teacher I feel very lucky to have found this website”.

Maggie, Teacher


Other Student Feedback

“Although I have practiced yoga for many years, a knee injury caused me to very much limit my practice. A 1:1 with Debs gave me back my confidence and motivation. Debs ascertained which postures I could achieve and which I should be aiming for to improve my strength and aid recovery. Debs carefully, considerately and skillfully tailored the session to my needs. The personal alterations and modifications she showed me meant I could safely continue my practice. She is very encouraging”! –Di

Debs Fawcett is a wonderful yoga teacher, with skills and a personality to match. She has the patience, the kindness to explain things to her students, the relaxing way she teaches, which is a very thorough way, at the same time she is professional in her outlook towards the practice of Dru yoga.  In fact she is a fine example of the standards of teaching Dru yoga, and Dru yoga needs more like her, also she is very gentle with her approach. Chrissy

Debs has passion and compassion and willingly and enthusiastically passes on her knowledge to her students. My 1:1 sessions were invaluable to me, giving me a greater insight into how my own body is built (we are not all the same!) and how it works. I am now thankfully fully recovered but still value and take heed of the advice Debs gave me.” -Marie

Anyone thinking of having a one to one course with Debs will not regret it, and in fact if they are new to yoga, they would benefit immensely with a one to one course before they actually join a full working students class with Debs.  Anyone going for the online courses would also pick up very easily on the postures because of working closely with their teacher Debs, who would be able to point out any shortcomings to the student, and be able to correct them as they go along. When they are then able to join a full student class, they will  have had the benefit of getting to know Debs well and be able to work in close harmony with her. Barbara

I have a one to one yoga class with Debs of Soul Harmony Yoga once a week, and have done for over 12 months. I derive more benefit than in group classes, because it is a personalised class just for you, and Debs can gauge how and what you are feeling the day of the lesson, therefore, tailoring it just for you. 

I have been helped personally with these one to one lessons, because there is a feeling of relaxation throughout the whole of the lesson, much more so than in a group class. These relaxing techniques are taught by Debs in the most subtle of ways, that you are hardly aware it’s happening, but it does. Also there is time to get the asanas just right for me personally, because I do have a small number of knee problems, and if Debs feels I need more time on certain postures, we will return to those more than is possible in a group class.                                                                                                                             Shirley

I decided to do a 1:1 session with Debs when I found she was leaving us to start her new adventures! I wanted to check that I was doing the postures and alignments right to give me the confidence to carry on doing yoga by myself. I found it very valuable having the attention as she helped me see what I could do to strengthen my practice. I’m looking forward to the online courses and will definitely be signing up! Since I started doing yoga with Debs I have found it very beneficial in becoming more flexible, my back ache is now none existent and my asthma has improved though doing the breathing exercises. I would definitely recommend giving yoga with Debs a try!                                                      Diane





Debs yoga Class has banished my arthritis, improved my posture and core strength. Most importantly it is blissfully relaxing and spiritually healing. It’s great to understand the benefits of the postures and breathing for the mind and body.

Debs is a welcoming, relaxed and informative teacher. She caters for all abilities and I have come away feeling deeply enriched from many of the classes. I have enjoyed exploring a different area of Dru yoga each semester. Debs teaches with a wealth of knowledge and  there is something special about the restorative relaxation and meditation at the end of classes. An amazing yoga class taught with integrity, emphasis upon self-discovery and fun. Debs has inspired me to explore yoga practices in my daily life and routines. Thankyou! Beth

I have more flexibility and am calmer. It has helped me with relaxation. Complements other energy work. Nutritional advice. Help with meditation. Back is loads better. Just thanks Debs.

So chilled nearly horizontal. Improved my meditation skills. Keeps me toned and grounded.

Dru Yoga keeps me flexible and helps me quickly find inner calm.

The class is perfect in every way. Everyone is made to feel welcome whatever level you are at. Personally the class supports me with any sports injuries, fitness, relaxation the list is endless!! Thank you Debs

Classes are engaging and unique. An encouraging voice gently coaches you to drop deeper into poses and relaxation. Always joyful.

Debs is the best yoga teacher. I have been attending her classes since you started at the sanctuary and hate to miss a week. She’s mindful of arthritic joints and individual limitations and her gentle manner and voice relax mind and body. I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I couldn’t get through the week without it! Highly recommended.

I Always come away from my practice relaxed and revitalised. I feel mentally and physically stronger. Very warm and friendly class atmosphere.

Balance of mind, body, spirit. Enhancement of natural well-being and emotional and mental focus.

Really enjoyable friendly class. The courses are held me to focus on how your breathing can be used to control your busy mind and bring peace.

I get an hour totally for myself for exercise and relaxation, and time to cut myself off from outside stresses.

Calming of the mind, feeling more centred.

Peace and tranquillity. More flexible. Sleep very well.

An hour out of the week where I can relax, breathe and feel calm.

Since I started doing yoga with Debs I have found it very beneficial in becoming more flexible, my back ache is now none existent and my asthma has improved though doing the breathing exercises. I would definitely recommend giving yoga with Debs a try! 

Always leave feeling uplifted, less stressful and without aches. Feel more toned and flexible. Brilliant atmosphere created by Debs and great pace and instructions.

I am training for a half marathon and since coming to the Yoga sessions I feel I’m much more flexible with less aches and pains. The meditation is also extremely relaxing and calming after a hectic day at work. Thank you.

I have been attending Debs’s Dru Yoga classes for the past 15 months. I have enjoyed them so much that I have enrolled to do my Dru Yoga teacher training.

It’s a chance to just be and notice. I enjoy the stretches. 

It makes you feel better from the inside out come out of Dru Yoga floating on-air And ready for anything.

Can’t imagine life without Yoga. It’s better suppleness that I didn’t have before through the movements and stillness to the minds through the meditations. Debs is a fantastic teacher. 

A most enjoyable relaxed experience for both body and mind. I look forward to the sessions immensely. Would recommend this to anyone young or old.

Brilliant tutor. A must in one’s life.

The information the exercises and nutrition have been quite simple to remember and relevant to my situation.

The benefits have been that there has been an explanation of the exercises and how they will personally benefit me.

I would recommend them doing a 1:1 as it goes at my pace and is interesting and personal to me.

I have enjoyed the sessions very much and can immediately feel the what a difference it is making to me and it is quite simple to use.

It’s so relaxing and balancing in a stressful world.

I have loved to coming to yoga. It makes me feel calm and relaxed and gives me the feel good factor.

Feeling of relaxation and calm after the session.

Deb’s classes have changed my life. I have no back pain after 25 years of problems. I feel full of peace, love and happiness.

Feel very relaxed after a very busy working week. Next me forget about it everyday life and re-energise myself.

The workshops are a useful time to reflect and focus in more depth. Lovely experience which helps to destress and increase physical and emotional states. Highly recommended. Thanks Debs-another great session. The more I learn I realise I need to practice even more. The information sheets were really helpful and I like the body visual with the colour chakras which I’ll use. Please can I have the brownie recipe! Thanks. 

Thank you for another excellent workshop Debs. A well-balanced mix of practical and physical yoga and the underlying philosophies. Really enjoyed further exploring the energetic aspects of Dru Yoga. Keep doing what you’re doing because what you do is amazing.

Really excellent workshop. The mix of theoretical input alongside the yoga and relaxation and meditation is very helpful. Thanks Debs 

Lovely morning experiencing Yoga practice and knowledge which help me to understand the movements in relation to the power of the practice. Greg home-made flapjack some brownies. Thank you very much.

Enjoyed it it was a good experience. Thanks Debs.

I enjoyed the workshop thank you. Much of what you said resonated with my understanding and reinforced my beliefs. I enjoyed a mixture of movement and breathing. The explanations were really helpful.

Really enjoyed the workshop. Felt high-energy feelings and so Reese pink colour inhibition during meditation. Lovely. Please email Brownie recipe!

So glad to come back to yoga practice, I’ve missed it. Thank you Debs.

Fabulous-Really enjoyed it-especially the philosophy and nadis-interesting stuff. Feel very chilled! Thank you.

Thank you so much for the really informative workshop about nutrition and detoxing, which combined with the yoga session it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning.  The food you prepared for us was gorgeous and it was great to have such lovely ‘super foods’  imaginatively presented.

As someone with an acidic body I was especially interested to learn about the foods and supplements to make the body more alkaline. Your sensible approach I realise that isn’t easy to always eat healthily to make small changes over time was very much appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop. Thank you. 

I loved the yoga and was very pleased that I was able to follow you easily and with confidence. You created a lovely environment for a new comer – warm and welcoming, relaxed but I knew you were paying attention to my abilities.

Effect of and anti-inflammatories. Need of balance antacids and outlines. More alternative to rice and potatoes. Using seeds and oils more in salads. 

Very informative and complex. Food very good! 

Thank you enjoyed the class. Found it informative and educational in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Good presentation on healthy eating.

I enjoyed the food Yoga was very good, stretching and relaxing. Generally relaxing atmosphere. Informative information without being dictational. Thank you
Enjoyed the day. Helpful hints and will try out some of the recipes.

A lot of information is known but forgotten in everyday living. A good reminder of the importance of a good diet.

  • “During the summer I was struggling really badly with anxiety and I listened to one of your medications where you said to ask the universe for more of the good. I’ve been doing this ever since, I’ve given up the day job and started my own dog walking business. Things are great! I just wanted to let you know and say thanks”.
  • “Debs I’ve just had a lovely Saturday morning doing the first Mindful course yoga practice and found it very easy to follow especially as it follows the same format as your classes. It makes me realise how I’ve missed them. Thank you very much”.
  • “I’ve definitely made more time to do the classes. Sleeping much better. Enjoying seeing you on your travels”.
  • “It took me years to join a class and finally did and loved every single one. You’re a fab teacher and so hope I will motivate myself to become engaged in online classes. I’ve made a good start in preparing an area”.
  • “You are a brilliant teacher, I’m so glad I have joined the online classes”.
  • “Did first class last night. Enjoyed the class and slept very well”.
  • “Hi, Debs. Just done the first mindful session and it was so lovely and relaxing and I felt a lovely connection. Thank you for setting this up”.
  • “Hi, Debs, I’ve just done the first Mindful Practice yoga lesson. Lovely! I hadn’t done any yoga since my one day detox day course a couple of weeks ago and this was just what I needed”.
  • “Ohh yes – not sure if I mentioned this before, but still a BIG thank you to you – I am still using the detox green smoothie recipe you gave me as part of your detox course – usually a few times a week, and I’m also using the Potassium based Soup recipe – it really is delicious – I’m making a weekly batch up at the moment & have it every day for lunch at work. It’s filling & also helps me keep ‘alkaline'”.
  • “You have played/are playing a part in my journey to recovery and I would like to thank you again for all your help and advice. Big hugs to you”.
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