A Yoga Class for the Xmas Break

Restorative Detoxing Class-  A Yoga class for the Christmas break

This class is actually part of the One day Online Detox Course which includes two Yoga Classes, a detox video presentation and a 27 page E-Book on the hows and whys of detoxing. These classes are available through our Annual Standard Membership.

The first of the Yoga Classes is based on Yoga Postures which help your organs to detox and strengthen in their functioning. The second video starts to slow the class down. I will be using this class as a great class to do over the Christmas and New Year break to get rid of some of the toxins from the christmas celebrations and all of the food and drink we may consume at this time. I never feel I want to totally give up on certain foods and drink, however I do like to help my body process them and keep a balanced approach. There are several ways you can use this course:

  1. Go through the full course and familiarise yourself with the Detox E-Book, prepare your food by shopping for your one day detox and prepare your space for a full day of self care and nourishment.
  2. Read through the Detox E-Book and learn all about (or refresh your memory) how to detox and what to be aware of.
  3. You could simply access the Yoga classes too. There are 2 x 40 minute classes which can be followed a a general yoga class. In this blog I’m inviting you to turn on the class and love your body and organs.

The second class in the detox course is a wonderful self care class

which includes some gentle do-in (this is the Japanese exercise you may have done in class with me which works on detoxing your lymphatic system by gently tapping all through your body). We then go into a lovely routine to massage various parts of your body. It’s a really easy massage to do and one that makes you feel really relaxed and ready to go into the relaxation for the rest of the class.

That’s it!

It is a truly gorgeous class and one that you will love if you feel you need some serious me time….and it’s only 40 minutes.

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