Yoga for Insomnia

How to get a good nights sleep with our Online Yoga Classes

Our Yoga for Insomnia blog includes a short 15-minute video to help you create and practice a short yoga routine to help you sleep well at night.

One of the most common statements I hear after students have practised yoga class is that they have the best nights sleep of the week. This is due to the impact that yoga practice has on your nervous system. Yoga helps to gently re-balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system which leaves you feeling more relaxed with less agitation.

Research by Harvard also revealed 55% of people who practised yoga had a better nights sleep, whilst 85% reported it reduced their stress levels. (1) One of the postures in this article is Legs up the Wall which is my go to posture to release over tired tension in my body. By this I mean when you are tired but you find it hard to stop and rest.

Use video below and take steps to prepare yourself for a good nights sleep.

Alternatively, access a longer class and get the benefits of a better night’s sleep. Our classes are US$14 per month and try out at least two classes per week over the month and see how well you sleep after practising yoga. (You can cancel at any time).

For a list of our online classes to help you get a good nights sleep check out our FAQ How to get a good nights sleep page.




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