10 Minute Yoga Video for Leg Strengthening and Balance

The Tree Posture, Vkrsasana, is a wonderful yoga posture to create leg strengthening and balance. Use our 10-Minute Yoga Video for leg strengthening and balance.

There are many yoga postures for leg strengthening and balance. I love the Tree Posture as it’s simple to do and when practiced frequently you’ll notice how your balance improves. The Posture will also strengthen your ankle joints, lower leg muscles, gluteal muscles, and pelvic floor.
It’s a great posture to create flexibility in the shoulder, knee and hip area. It can be helpful to warm up these areas of your body before practicing the posture.
As with all Yoga postures, there are emotional and energetic benefits too. The Tree Posture can create a sense of connection to our natural world and can be extremely grounding. 
Regular practice helps us to see the world as it is rather than how we want it to be.
As you move into the Tree Posture imagine your feet planted and connected firmly into the earth. Tune into the sky above as your hands greet this space. Imagine a beautiful alignment through from the tips of your fingers as they are raised above your head, down through your whole spine through to the soles of your feet. 

Key points to consider when practicing the Tree Pose.

* To help with your balance ensure your core muscles are engaged by gently drawing the pelvic floor muscles up into your body and your abdominal muscles towards your spine.
* Choose the leg position that works for you on the day you are practicing. When you feel balanced in this posture you can really begin to tune into the emotional and energetic benefits.
* Help your balance further by finding a point towards the floor to fix your gaze, without dropping your head.
* Make sure your hip that remains stationary always faces forward. Often we can be tempted to turn our body towards the hip that is opening. This is more important than how open your hip is. You’ll get the perfect opening for your hip when you keep the hip that is not opening facing forward.
* Give yourself time to go through the sequence in the video a few times so you can really tune into your breath. Take time to really feel your feet connected to the earth. Begin to imagine roots growing out from the soles of your feet into the earth.
* Once you’ve completed the sequence take a few moments to breathe and feel the difference from when you started the posture. This is a really important part of your yoga practice and it’s where we can often drop into a beautiful calm and centred place within ourselves.

Practice the Tree Posture using our 10-minute video. Start your day with this video and feel balanced, centred and grounded.

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