Core strengthening for beginners

Core strengthening for beginners- where do you start?

Have you ever wondered how you know if your core muscles work as they are supposed to? Many of us think about core muscles as a ‘six-pack’ which many vaguely aspire to but never get there. I invite you to think of your core as something much greater than a visual muscle group.

Think of your core as the engine room from where all movement in your body stems from. Keeping this area of your body happy has a huge impact on your spine, your legs, muscle tension and tightness from overcompensation of other muscles and even how strong you feel within yourself.

At Soul Harmony Yoga core strength is gently developed in all of our classes. We take time to find the core muscles and then use them in postures to ensure you are safe in your yoga practice and so that you are always gently working on strengthening this area of your body.

Watch the video below to discover where your core muscles are, if they work together and try a couple of exercises to gently strengthen them. Learn how to use your core in a couple of basic & easy yoga postures.

If you’re a person who likes to know the finer details head on over to our blog after the video to discover the specific muscle groups and how they work together. There’s also a couple of other free videos there for you too. ‘How to Keep a Healthy Spine for Life”

Head on over to our Video Playlist in our Soul Harmony Yoga Youtube Channel.

Remember you don’t have to suffer from non-descript back pain. I’ve had students who have come to a yoga class after 20 years of living with pain and now don’t suffer at all because they make some time in their week to create strength and flexibility in their spine.

Here’s what some of my students have experienced:

Deb’s classes have changed my life. I have no back pain after 25 years of problems. I feel full of peace, love and happiness.” Cathy F

“Since I started doing yoga with Debs I have found it very beneficial in becoming more flexible, my back ache is now none existent and my asthma has improved though doing the breathing exercises. I would definitely recommend giving yoga with Debs a try!” Lynne A

So see what resources resonate with you and get started today and let me know how you go! Any questions I’m here…

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