Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Course

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Welcome to our 12 lessons of your Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Course

This course will help you when you feel out of balance emotionally. It will take you through a process of steps to rebalance and maintain your emotional balance. It will help you find emotional balance in your day to day life.

We have 12 lessons in our Yoga for Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self Care Online Course. Each lesson covers a specific aspect of how your yoga practice supports your emotional health from:

  • Balancing your nervous system
  • Letting go of emotions and resistance to letting go
  • Using your yoga practice as a deep self-care process
  • Developing your confidence
  • Specific pranayama, meditation, and relaxations
  • Each individual class has details of the benefits to you for practicing the class

For a specific emotional issue, it’s recommended that you follow the classes as a sequence to help clear the issue you are working on.

The course has been separated into two parts:

  1. The first section is the yoga, pranayama and meditation classes which you can mix and match to suit the time you have.
  2. The second section is there for you to explore your current self-care routine or practices and help you take action to include more self-care into your daily routine.

If you are visiting this course for the first time I recommend watching the presentation video which talks you through the key aspects of our yoga practice which directly relates to balancing our emotional subtle nature.

Relaxations and Meditation

The relaxation is a very important part of the class and not to be missed. The benefits of relaxations are:

  • Relaxation is a time for your body and mind to deeply relax.
  • It’s the time when your energy and vitality are restored and you consciously nourish yourself. It’s a time to love and appreciate who you are as you allow yourself to let go and be.
  • Choose from three lovely relaxations of differing times: 9 minutes, 14 minutes and 20 minutes

I have also added a gratitude meditation. Create the class you wish by adding in what you feel you need for your practice.


Choose the makeup of your class by reading the purpose of the classes in the class descriptions and add as required.

Estimated Time: 12 Lessons

Course Introduction - Recommended watching

Yoga for Emotional Balance & Self Care Course

Course Bonuses

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