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What’s included in the Online Yoga Taster Classes?

We have 6 lessons in our Yoga Taster Package for you to practice:

  • A Safety Briefing sheet (please read before you start any of your practices).
  • Our unique Home Yoga Practice Checklist
  • A one hour class to deeply re-balance you on all levels from our Yoga for Emotional Balance and Self-Care Course
  • An 8 minute relaxation for a quick fix whenever you need to stop for a moment and re-focus
  • A beautiful guided Gratitude Meditation
  • A 30 minute Spinal Health Yoga Lesson from our Introduction to Soul Harmony Yoga Course.

Class structure

Each class begins with a warm up with a focus on the muscles you will be using in the postures within the class.

In the longer class, I have included an energy block release sequence which is a sequence of movements which work through your whole body to release energy from tight muscles, joints, and your spine. These sequences allow you to physical and mentally prepare for a deeper experience of the postures that follow.

Following on, you will then move onto one or two postures.

The relaxation is a very important part of the class and not to be missed. Relaxation is a time for your body and mind to deeply relax. It’s the time when your energy and vitality are restored and you consciously nourish yourself. It’s a time to love and appreciate who you are as you allow yourself to let go and be. I have also added a gratitude meditation. Create the class you wish by adding in what you feel you need for your practice, for example you could complete the one hour class and add the meditation.

For additional information regarding Mind/Body Healing using Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation check out our Health Blogs.


  1. Click Access this Course below and fill in the register Details.
  2. When you have registered you will see this page again. Click again on ‘Access this Course’ and start your classes. 
  3. When logging on in the future just click on ‘Log in’ from our menu bar and you’ll be taken straight to your account.


Estimated Time: 6 lessons

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