Online Yoga Workshop for Spinal Health

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Welcome to our Online Yoga Workshop for Spinal Health

This online yoga workshop for spinal health includes a series of short videos from 15-25 minutes long. The workshop is for those who would like to free up their spine, release general back pain and create strength and long term wellness in their spine through the use of yoga classes, relaxation and guided meditation sessions.

There are 5 lessons: 

  1. Lesson 1- In this video you will consider your general movements throughout your usual day and evaluate the positive or negative impact this may be having on your spine.
  2. Lesson 2- This yoga video will teach you the 4 ways you can move your spine so you can create more flexibility.
  3. Lesson 3 – This video will teach you restorative yoga exercises to ease our tension in your spine. As you free up and open your spine you will also begin to create greater flexibility and potentially remove generic back pain.
  4. Lesson 4 – This video will teach you how you can reduce inflammation in your spine and body through the use of relaxation.
  5. Lesson 5 – This video takes you through a summary of the week and we’ll look at how you can create your own yoga practice that enables you to tailor a specific practice for you, to keep your spine happy and healthy.

It is recommended that you listen to one per week and practice the session a couple of times so you get to know your spine, how it currently works and what you need to improve your flexibility, strength or reduce inflammation and relax.

Head on over to our first lesson in the course. Any questions drop me an email at

Estimated Time: 6 Lessons

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