Yoga Classes to Connect to Nature

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These Yoga classes to Connect to Nature contain yoga sequences that are designed to help you connect back to mother nature and your own inner nature. They are specific to Dru Yoga and provide an opportunity to tune out of the busyness of life and back into our natural and balanced selves.

If we follow the patterns and workings of nature we can see we are guided with ancient wisdom and truth which reflects the heart of who we truly are.

Take some time in nature with these classes next time you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of some relief from the distractions of life and you’ll be back to your calm and connected self before you know it.

The classes are:

  1. The Moon Sequence – Balance the Water Element within
  2. The Sun Salutation – Ignite your Inner fire
  3. The Earth Sequence – Become Balanced and Grounded
  4. Full Moon Guided Relaxation

Estimated Time: 4 Lessons

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