The benefits of letting go of resistance

Do you have any resistance at the moment?

This blog will guide you to identify & release resistance in your body & mind as it may be having an effect on your inner balance, well-being or energy levels.

I wanted to share today how I use my yoga practice to let go of resistance to change. Why do we need to take time to do this?

Watch the video or read on- your choice.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently, on our travels, letting go of resistance to the new places I find myself in. It’s always a surprise when this happens, as I am creating a life that I want and am making conscious choices along the way but I’ll be honest, sometimes it doesn’t always feel good.

Bizarrely I’ve had a really achy back for the last few weeks and have practised yoga daily to help relieve it, which has helped but I felt I needed to delve a little deeper to see what my body was trying to tell me.

I wanted to chat today about how I eventually got rid of the back pain and how I maintained it after this.

With the help of a couple of fantastic practitioners I explored:

The balance of being and doing

This is a constant for me, I’m very active and creative but often can let this take over allowing space for things to develop naturally. I’m impatient (Chinese Ox is my excuse) and stubborn and get fixed on ideas and sometimes it can be difficult to see something from another perspective.

So how do I get this balance- Yoga and meditation of course- giving myself time to meditate I am way more open to a wiser self rather than answers from just the ego. You may think as a yoga teacher this is easy but I believe we teach what we need to learn so I’m very grateful to be a yoga teacher.

My second epiphany was having a massage and discussing with Lorraine from Unwind with Lorraine about feeling into my resistance.

This truly was an epiphany for me as although mentally I know this stuff inside out, it’s the practice which is important.

In the massage, Lorraine asked me to breath into the sore spot in my body. It took quite a while, ‘Let go of the resistance’, she reminded me. ‘Your body is telling you something. Listen to the message’.  After a minute or so I felt a little relief and we moved on.

It wasn’t until the next day in my yoga practice where I put on some music from Youtube and truly focused on letting go. I did a short session of stretching and then led down to explore the resistance a little further. I love the 528Hz music to help you really relax.

So I invite you to notice in your next yoga practice where you are feeling resistance.

There are some wonderful meditations on our website. Try the Heart Meditation or the Spinal Flow meditation to really hone in on where you feel a more subtle tension. it truly is surprising what you find sometimes and how different you feel afterwards. It’s always easier to meditate after a yoga class so try one of our classes first. Make time to look after you and I promise you won’t regret it.

If you are not signed up to our website yet, why not try the 7 -Day Free trial and try the classes out for yourself.

I wish you all the very best on your journey to inner balance, wellbeing and energy.



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