Nutrition on the go! Smoothie recipe.

Smoothies I find are the best way to get highly nutritious and energising foods into your system in an enjoyable way and they are really quick to make so great for a breakfast or lunch on the go.

I’m always asked about how I use green powders such as Barley grass and Spirulina as most people buy them with all good intentions and discover that they can initially taste pretty awful particularly if you just mix them with water. This then puts them off and they never go back to them. My answer is always ‘put them in a smoothie’!!

Why use Green Powders?

Green powers and nutrient rich superfood powders are a great way to put almost every nutrient the body needs into your body in its natural form and they are easy to absorb. The green powders, in particular, are high in chlorophyll – highly alkalising & help your body to detoxify & absorb more nutrients. They help reduce inflammation in the body, clean your blood and so much more. For more information on the benefits of using green powders click here.

I myself do sometimes struggle with having nutrient based powders in their pure form so opt instead for a yummy smoothie that’s packed with other goodies too so I can enjoy my drink and receive the amazing nutritional benefits from it. Sometimes I also add the green powder mixture to a freshly made juice. So here’s what I use for my smoothie:

I made this smoothie to give me energy before and during teaching my Yoga classes. In my jar of green goodness, there is Organic Barley Grass (80%), Hemp Protein (15%), Maca Powder (5%). It is always better to have mostly Barley Grass. The mix I made here was more based on the amounts I have left in my cupboard rather than a specific formula.

You can get these products from your local health food store. Make sure the ingredients don’t have any added ‘flavourings. I once bought which I hadn’t noticed had a mint and vanilla flavour added which made all my smoothies taste awful!

The Recipe

  • 1 banana
  • 1 Tsp Chia seeds (Rich in anti-oxidants, Omega 3, good source of protein and high in fibre so help digestion)
  • 1 big Tsp Cacao (Rich in antioxidants)- fantastic news! (Not cocoa which doesn’t have the same nutritional value)
  • 1 tsp green powder (spirulina, chlorella or a mix). If you’re new to using green powders start with half a tsp and work up to a full one.
  • Milk- I usually use Almond milk but choose which suits you. Cover all ingredients.
  • You will also need a blender (hand-blender and jug will do) to mix the smoothie together.

Next, I put everything into a tall beaker and mix it till it’s properly smooth and delicious.  Then all that’s left to do is enjoy 🙂

You can experiment and play around with whatever is left over that needs eating. That’s another bonus too is that you can use up your fruit rather than throwing it out. So enjoy, let me know how you go in the comments below. I’d love to hear your recipes.

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